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  1. To be quite honest... it's 1. Join a Bounty Hunter LS. 2. Join/form a Hunting party via PF/shout 3. Search for A/S Ranks. 4. If you spot an A/S Rank, /sh, /ls(1-6), /p, /fc the targeted hunt monster. 5.*If 4 applies, skip 5.* Immediately go to the flagged location and pray your computer does not blow up from the flash mob of players camped out near the hunt monster. 6. Don't pull early. 6.a If pulled early by someone else be sure to throw half-eaten fruits at the puller, and/or send a private message to a BH(Bounty Hunter) linkshell leader about their bad
  2. Insulting private messages because your thread, OP? Well, instead of requesting the thread be taken, down why don't you give a report on those that are clearly breaking the terms of service? Nip the problem in at the root, not the bud. Oh, and Polygon is not remotely a reputable source of information... There are conflicting sources, such as Yoshida's Reddit interview, that states: * From http://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/wiki/pax_2015_interview * "Yoshida: We’re still in the final tweaking stages on where we’re going to have them start but definitely not at level one.
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