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  1. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Fliers posted to the boards of the Adventurer's Guilds advertise the opened doors of The Matron's Rest, home to members of Fang & Claw Ventures! [/align] [align=center]A company originally created by Miqo'te for Miqo'te, Fang & Claw has since opened its doors to all who desire a home to lay their heads and coin to fill their coffers. Seeking to provide hearth and home for those who do not otherwise have one, as well as making a name and earning respect for themselves, Fang & Claw takes up a myriad of jobs by way of marketing themselves as Mercenaries and Sellswords - but this is not all they are willing to employ![/align] [align=center]Are you a crafter, in search of a company that can help you sell your wares? Or, are you a doctor, seeking to help those in need? Perhaps you are a researcher, or mayhaps someone only seeking community and a warm meal; everyone is welcome in the halls of The Matron's Rest, and everyone has a place![/align] [align=center]Owned and presided over by one Oko Kaprei, one needs only find her in order to inquire about joining. She is oftentimes found within the very halls of the Matron's Rest! All that needs be done is say hello![/align]
  2. oh man, these all sound so great! i'd totally be willing to rp with any of you ;O; if you see me online you guys should totally add me so we can work stuff out!!
  3. Mmm, yes, rubs my hands. PROSPECTS. :chocobo: (also im sorry i just saw the smilies and this is really cute)
  4. So, here we have As'koya Renha! She's a member of the Wyvern Tribe (which you can read about here) who was raised in Sharlayan by an Elezen. She has an RPC Page RIGHT HERE and a tumblr HERE (warning, autoplay) I'm in search of people to RP with! Either casual friendly roleplay, or antagnostic, or borderline romantic (though I'm not sure if I'm looking for ships for her currently,) or.. whatever the hell! Just, people to spend ridiculous amounts of time with roleplaying because that's what I do. Because I have nothing better to do. Some things that will definitely hook As'koya as a character currently: Your character can use daggers (by extension, is a rogue in character.) She's looking to learn how to utilize them for defense purposes, and could use a teacher. Your character is interested in Sharlayan or anything it produces - primarily, wishes to learn about Astromancy, or about the stars in general. She will talk from sun up to sun down. You're an Ishgardian, as she lived there for a few years. She finds conversation with most Ishgardians very pleasant, as most of them are quite intellectual. Be warned: she finds elezens painfully attractive and flirts more than she needs to. Don't take her seriously, though. I beg of you. Your character is Sharlayan! NEED I SAY MORE! Your character is an asshole, she likes assholes. She likes bickering with assholes, she likes spending time with them, she likes befriending them, and she also likes proving them wrong. But, there's one thing I'm absolutely interested in! That being: A GODDAMN LONG EXTENDED PLOT OF SOME MANNER. I'm so fucking thirsty for that, I can't even tell you. Oh my god, please, send help. Anyway! You're welcome to /tell me any time you see me online, friend me, ask for my skype, message me here, do whatever, please, I need friends. ( I have other alts we can discuss as well, if you're not interested in her but are potentially interested in: a traveling bardqote (male,) a goody two-shoes paladin-wannabe xaela (male), or a doman refugee with allagan genes (female.) )
  5. [align=center]❤ hello!!❤[/align] [align=center]my name is oko, and i do art![/align] [align=center]i'm excited to start doing commissions via final fantasy[/align] [align=center]because everyone has such wonderful and diverse characters![/align] [align=center]AS OF NOW, I WILL BE DOING THE FOLLOWING:[/align] [align=center]CHIBI STYLE ($20)[/align] [align=center]http://36.media.tumblr.com/9850ded7680d02e30a319959ba09977c/tumblr_nny9rdtXOq1uv1w9qo1_500.png[/img][/align] [align=center]SKETCH STYLE ($15)[/align] [align=center]http://puu.sh/ji2BN/349bfafeec.png[/img][/align] [align=center]** i am not taking couple commissions at this time[/align] [align=center]HEADSHOT STYLE ($20)[/align] [align=center]http://puu.sh/jBH7A/8426c30a6e.png[/img][/align] COMMISSION INFORMATION: [align=left] payment will be received up front once slot is accepted please be sure your character will fit my style!!!!! i cannot stress the above enough. please, god. if you're using screenshots as a reference, please make sure they're taken during the daytime, and with no odd shadows obscuring detail or colors that're important. be prepared for discrepancy between the actual design and my abilities-- i might be good, but i'm not the best. i will fix what i can, especially if you point it out. i will not be held responsible for flaws which are a result of lack of information given prior to the commission. i work on a schedule. i do not do livestreams. i cannot guarantee exact dates always, but i WILL guarantee you will receive your piece within a week to a week and a half of initial commission date. if not, please contact me. [/align] [align=center]!!IF YOU'RE INTERESTED!![/align] [align=center]go ahead and comment to claim an available slot[/align] [align=center]or you can PST me on Oko Kaprei on Balmung[/align] 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  6. i've been playing ff for about... 3-4 months now i think? around that. i've got whm at 60 and a few classes at 50 and some friends. even a wiki page... never joined in on the forums though! figured i ought to my name is mal, but you can call me oko as well, and i'm an artist i play on balmung as oko kaprei, and a few others but mainly her nice to meet you guys!!
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