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  1. I'm not sure how not wanting to shell out possibly $60.00 (Just a guess on price, this may be cheaper.) multiple times to finish a single game makes one a purist fanboy... I'd rather wait longer and get a complete game, than pay for installments to have it quicker. This is likely what I'll do anyways wait til it's all done and get some sort of package deal if one ever exists. They have stated, that they are going to be multiple, full sized games. If you've never heard of Xenosaga 1,2,and 3. Or the .hack games. They're doing that approach. So as to make all of FF7's old content in full with little to no cuts.
  2. I'm suprised there's no troubleshooting or bug report for these forums. I'm trying to delete an old thread that I started, and I'm being told I don't have permission to do it. My account is verified according to the site. So what gives?
  3. Let the purist fanboys rage. This looks wonderful.
  4. I play LOTS of MMO's off and on it's honestly nothing to be ashamed of. I play WOW, Guild Wars 1, Guild Wars 2, PSO, and now Blade and Soul. It's a genre that I like because I like doing stuff by myself, but on occasion I don't mind seeing and/or helping other people along the way. Wow was my first MMO, started playing back in late burning crusade. Didn't get the real heavy drive to play it until Cata was announced. It was also the first game in an rpg of any kind where I reached the level cap! The story may not be as well written as FF14 in some cases but it's still something I enjoy. If we compare FF14 to a book, we can compare WOW to a superhero comic or power rangers. It's a different style of storytelling. It caters to different tastes and moods.
  5. If your character lived here, on Earth, what country would they live in, what religion if any, what things from our world would they like, what would be their moneymaking job, and where do they live? [apartment/house || alone/roomie/family] If you can think of other things on Earth they'd like, do, or be. Then please list it if you want. :3 . . . Claire Storme would be from the Southern USA [Louisiana/Bayou], she'd be christian [Mostly out of 90% of her family being that and not being too dis-satisfied by being with that], she like's watching sports on tv during big events [superbowl and World Cup etc] and she gets really animated watching it, she'd have a completely un-original 9-5 job at a supermarket. Her apartment is in a semi-redneck part of town with thin walls and sometimes wildlife wanders onto the property.
  6. [[ A lot of things have been happening to me lately in my house and it's made spending time to roleplay almost impossible. Just wanted to drop this here and let you know I still plan on coming back to this, though it make time. If you do leave just remember if you still want in this roleplay you're welcome to come back and participate anytime. ]]
  7. Like was mentioned before, not everyone on this server roleplays. It's just one of the servers that people decided was a roleplay server, unofficially. I try not to be a person who snubs someone just because their name isn't to lore standards. Heck look at mine. It's still like this because I tried to change my name and couldn't change it to Milana Lana. So IC her name is Milana Lana. Also it should be put into consideration that inter-racial couples, and children exist and parents of the child could give it a naming convention of one, and the other. Clanless Miqo'te who have left their tribes, are pretty much free to rename themselves as they wish. As are any race I feel.
  8. [[ Apologies for the lack of activity lately. I've been dealing with a lot of personal loss and health issues that have been resolved. I'm taking a little bit to get back into the fray! Don't give up on the company just yet. :tonberry: ]]
  9. Hm, handsome and well groomed. I believe we can make this work.
  10. We managed to keep going for about four hours, had some pleasent guests even though they didn't last too long. We weren't able to do any events with so few people, but it was fun. I think I owe people another event in the future sometime. At most a dinner party or something, contests can come later once we get some solid regulars.
  11. This link is pertaining to this: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=13232 We need an amount of helping hands, not just guests. I need Bartenders, hosts to entertain the guests, waiters and waitresses, bouncers, and judges for the contests! You can apply for more than one. Again, see the main event above to see where you can help!
  12. I dont think they have been either, I've been wanting to see if I could meet anyone but nothing so far.
  13. [Having way too much fun thinking of prompts] Can be Disciplined of War, Land, or Hand! What are the themesongs of your classes, or of other classes you have ideas of themesongs for. Miner [video=youtube] Dragoon
  14. If you have an Au Ra Dragoon is it a Drag-on Dragoon?
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