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  1. [align=center] [/align] [align=center]-: Who we are! :- [/align] is a med/heavy RP Free Company located on the Balmung World. We strive to be a place where creative minds can come together to write another page of Eorzea’s storied history. We are interested in active players who have a clear vision for their characters and are able to work well in team settings. Dunehowl also includes it's own lore wiki, detailing past events revolving around the Vulture Tribe of Thavnair, the Howl Company it formed with and current events. [align=center]-: Okay, but what are you ICly? :- [/align] Dunehowl is a coalition of the Vulture Tribe of Thavnair and the Howl Company of Mercenaries coming together to form a righteous symbiotic relationship known as Dunehowl. After years of success in Thavnair with creating a powerful bond with the city of Radz-at-Han, the company's leader, V'aabir Nunh, has decided to split his tribe and further Dunehowl's influence into Eorzea. Through contracts made with the Immortal Flames, the Maelstrom, the Order of the Twin Adder and other Free Companies throughout Eorzea, Dunehowl strives to make itself a force to be reckoned with and a name to be feared. [align=center]-: Sounds good, what kind of characters would fit? :- [/align] Any and all kinds of characters can fit into Dunehowl, provided they are flexible enough and are a character of moral ambiguity. The best characters have combat experience or will be able to be of aide in battle. Most - if not all - of our events will be based around combat and themes that may not be suitable for the average civilian to attend. Blood and tears will be shed and characters may find themselves going against their moral standing. [align=center]-: What we'd like from you! :- [/align] An active character (3+ days/wk) A willingness to initiate and participate Basic spelling and grammar skills A good attitude [align=center]-: What you can expect from us! :- [/align] Consistent and continuous roleplay Teamwork based campaigns and events, social RP, etc. A close-knit group of friends without any of the clique bullshit Lore Discussion An active Discord A house, located in the 12th Ward of the Mists, Plot 24. [align=center]-: That sounds swell! How do I join? :- [/align] Recruitment to Dunehowl requires an application - either submitted in-game or on the website - followed by an OOC interview with one of our officers to discuss the character’s potential, and a good judge of character (maybe). From there, they can expect to be accepted into the fold and invited to their first event(s). Levels and roleplaying experience matter little - both of those can be earned, given enough time. Dedication is required. Dunehowl isn’t simply a place to dump and forget your alts. We will remove any character that hasn’t contributed meaningfully within three weeks. Feel free to contact any member of Dunehowl to set yourself up for success and we'll get to you as soon as we can. If you cannot wait or feel like you'd like to get in ASAP, add the following individuals on Discord! V'aabir/Sereaux#1711 Khana/Ali#7593 Nordlander#8291 ezra#9412 Or, alternatively, you may contact the following individuals in-game! V'aabir Nunh A'lyhhia Asah Garrett Thorne G'whain Tia Dunehowl holds the right to refuse any applicant at any point in time - though a reason for doing so will always be provided to the player.
  2. In Game Theme(s): Mercenaries/PMC FC/LS Name: Ebonbrand Contacts: Septimus Nerva, Odette Saoirse An awesome idea. <3 I knew I had a bit of trouble trying to find an FC when I first started out.
  3. Cool Man


  4. THANK YOU ODETTE FOR BEING REALLY, JUST. REALLY NEAT. (we're also very not-suspicious. Stop looking at us like that!)
  5. I AM SLOWLY BECOMING FAMOUS FOR MY AFK ANTICS. That being said, yes. I am available for all magitek needs.
  6. Cool Man


    January 27, 2016 Update: Ebonbrand has opened up recruitment once more, and we're actively searching for more people to join us on adventures of espionage, deceit and danger! Please send a tell or message to either Odette Saoirse, Narantu Dazkar or Septimus Nerva, and we'll get back to you ASAP!
  7. Cool Man


    what. WHAT. W H A T? HOW. WHY. A FEW WEEKS AGO I WAS JUST SOME NERD WITH A FEW FRIENDS. Now I'm a nerd with a bunch of nerds claiming I'm their glorious leader. Thank you for your interest, everyone. I love you. ;~;
  8. Cool Man


    Update: Skelfilegur Hnefa has found his FC merged with our own! Now at a sturdy 27 members and a FC house all polished and pretty, our story arcs are ready for more characters and more fun!
  9. Cool Man


    Update: We're getting the ball rolling once more! A few new people have joined the FC that are just about the best people ever. Any and all RP ideas with us are welcome!
  10. Cool Man


    We're a lovely family, I promise. Especially with how much I make fun of my own members. :')
  11. Cool Man


    [align=center][/align] [align=center]Gil. Glory. Friendship. Intangible Benefits. And so much more. All of this is mere ilms away from your capable fingertips! Eorzea's leading private Security firm seeks industrious, results-driven adventurers for exciting employment opportunities! As a valuable employee of The Ebonbrand, you will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to test experimental Magitek equipment against bandits, monsters and evil-doers! Embark on harrowing adventures, and reap industry-leading compensation for your efforts! Apply today! Ebonbrand's field office is located at the Mists, Ward 7, Plot 31 in a medium house![/align] _______________________________________________________________________________ [align=center]Thank you for reviewing our post and showing interest in our free company, Ebonbrand. We're a diverse collection of zany, fun-loving medium/hardcore RP'ers looking for more friends to join our adventures! We value interesting plot-lines, magitek teknology, frivolity, and adventure. Please visit our website here to apply, or send any of the people below a tell or letter voicing your interest![/align] [align=center]All the information you could ever want on the Ebonbrand will be in the following tabs! Should you have any questions, please contact Septimus Nerva, Sigurd Sundsteigen or Odette Saoirse![/align]
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