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    The Astral Advent (Formerly known as The Astral Agency, Astral Agents, or The Agency) is an adventuring free company that works closely with the auspices of the Adventurers’ Guild. Built from the ashes of the now defunct Astral Agency, the company hopes to steadily evolve into a successful and sustainable business, as well as a place for anyone willing to work to make a life for themselves. The Advent is a steady source of work for adventurer, crafter and gather alike. The Free Company’s premises is located at the Goblet of Thanalan, Plot 43 of the 12th Ward. ||| The Advent seeks to provide an all inclusive lifestyle for any person with adventuring, crafting or gathering skill. It provides work in the form of leves and other contracted jobs that individuals or groups can complete in order to bring in gil. The range of work that the company takes on is extensive, but limited to the laws of the realm’s city states and the Eorzean Alliance on the whole. ||| An adventurer, crafter or gatherer is first admitted into the Advent by a member with the authority to do so. They are required to submit themselves to a brief interview in order to open their company file. The file will be used to determine what their proficiencies are, so that suitable work may be directed to them. It’s also used to keep track of their progress and contributions to the company. Once the admission is complete, they are issued a linkshell and given a general repeat of the rundown on the house, its amenities and its operations. The new member is encouraged to take on a job from the levemete for starters. Once the job is done, the company takes a small portion of the pay and distributes the rest among the participating individuals. The gil collected goes toward the upkeep of the house and grounds, as well as providing other amenities for its members.

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