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  1. Hello! I am fairly new to Mateus, having only been around for about a month or so. I don't really know anyone on the server, but everyone I've met and roleplayed with so far has been incredibly nice and welcoming. I play a Xaela Au Ra (Sorkhaghtani Borlaaq) who comes from a matriarchal society tribe and was separated from her tribe in a skirmish with another neighbouring tribe, prior to the mass refuge that brought many of the Au Ra over to Eorzea. While keen on one day reuniting with those of her tribe, she's not particularly in haste to do so. She is good at foraging for plants for medicinal salves and has studying in shamanistic skills. Sorkhaghtani is a very inquisitive type of character and it would not be terribly difficult for me to justify what she might be doing or getting involved in. I'm very interested in ongoing storylines. I like in-depth development and dynamics in character relationships, both positive and negative, and everything in between. It would be really cool to play with others from her tribe (Borlaaq) or the skirmishing tribe (Jhungid). And just other tribes in general, really. (Sorkhaghtani seems to get on pretty well with just about anyone.) I'm located in an EST timezone and aside from Tuesdays and Thursdays, have a relatively open schedule when I'm not at work or sleeping. I can also be located on Discord for those who might have a difficult time catching me in the game. If you see me in-game, don't be afraid to say hello!
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