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  1. I would really like to participate in the joust. My IC wife, Yukari Shirogane is going to be (possibly unwillingly) signed up for the pie-eating contest, since she likes food. C: She will participate, so long as she can make it, I promise.
  2. I'm trying to get out and meet more people in the greater RP universe on Balmung, so I'll definitely be there! Gonna try and get my IC wife to come, too, but the party is at 1 AM for her, so she might not make it. I'm considering joining in with Nina's dancers.~
  3. Human ears are already pretty sensitive. They're an erogenous zone and everything. You don't just go touch someone's ear when you meet them, so yeah, probably bad form to just go touch auri horns on first meeting, lol. Probably want to get permission for that.
  4. Hey! This is my first post. I'm bad at introductions so I'm just jumping right into commenting on something that is really fascinating to me~ Au Ra lack ears - their horns double as ears of a sense, in that they are the organs through which Au Ra perceive sound. This opens up some really interesting concepts, and I'm curious what other people think an Au Ra would experience under certain circumstances. What if someone were to touch your horn? Since they can conduct the vibrations of the air to perceive and interpret soundwaves, how would it feel if someone else touched it? Hit it? Li
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