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  1. The Velvet Rose would like to extend its thanks for the invitation! Together, we hope to further knit our excellent roleplaying community!
  2. They're the Cocosiblings. The youngest is an alchemist-turned-culinarian. YOU KNOW IT'S CANON.
  3. Strictly speaking, the difference between "thaumaturgy" and "black magic" is the scope. One can pump out the 'basic' Fire spell and go critical mass and blow themselves up if they pump enough aether into it. In reality, it seems that the tipping point between "thaumaturgy" and "black magic" is the border of when it becomes too dangerous to cast without external support like the Gem of Shattoto. It could very well be the Coco siblings in the Thaumaturgist's Guild arranging themselves in a Ley Line circle and collectively casting magic to shunt off the dangerous aetherflow in controlled situatio
  4. We really did. We were a little confused at first on just how we were supposed to fill out the numbers and just what sort of 'entertainment' that we could provide considering just how WILD the party was already, but you guys swooped in and pulled us into a crazy ride of booze, friends, congratulations and BRONCO® GREASE. We honestly had so much fun it was ridiculous. The coven of courtesans—The Velvet Rose—wishes Mr and Mrs Dorn the best in this Era and the next. May the Traders see the value of their bond as priceless.
  5. *Raises hand* I am a woman of morally questionable taste.... Better make that no more than six, no less than four.
  6. I'm not saying there is going to be entertainment provided by no more than five but no less than three ladies of morally questionable taste. I'm also not saying there isn't.
  7. The life of a courtesan bookkeeper isn't all fun in the sun, you know! It's rather hard work!
  8. ussCHoQttyQ Only drawing The Balance, you say?
  9. The people who have hangups about your name are, more often than not, are people who are going to have hangups on every little detail and are the kind of people who might end up making RP on the un-fun side. That's not to say I don't advocate at least pondering what your character's tribal name might be, even if you decide to never use it.
  10. So you're on Balmung and the RP bug finally bit you? Always nice to have another face in the crowd! Welcome to an all consuming, sometimes miserable a wonderful experience! If you ever see me around Ul'dah, feel free to strike up some RP! I, myself, need to get out of this closed shell and do some more open roleplay. I'm also not as well versed on Miqo'te lore as many others here, but I've done a fair amount of research in my attempt to flesh Nina out, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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