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    Introducing The Moonlit Jewel’s Valentione’s auction! Several of our succulent gents and ladies will be offering their… services for the highest bidder. Tall, classy guys, bashfully cute girls, even twins, all to whoever wants them the most! So come on by the Jewel this Saturday, starting a 6PM (PST)!
  2. [align=center]http://www.emoji.co.uk/files/microsoft-emojis/symbols-windows10/10296-medium-black-circle.png[/img][/align] [align=center]The Silent Circle[/align] [align=center]Whispers. Secrets. Truth. Lies. Gossip. [/align] [align=center]Some people say that the pen is mightier than the sword but that isn't true. Words are the most powerful weapon. Words can strip a man's reputation down. Words can change the tide of a battle. Words can twist and manipulate people everyday. It is not the arrows flying that damages the soldier. It is the command to fire it that is dangerous.[/align] [align=center]Within the Silent Circle, it is opposite of what you might expect...[/align] [align=center]It isn't silent.[/align] [align=center]The circle operates within plain sight. Conversing, chatting, listening. The circle surrounds the world, creating a network of many people. Good and bad. Step into the shadows to learn of its presence and influence... Trade words, buy words, supply the words. Leave the desolate empty world and see it through an entirely new perspective. Through the eyes of words.[/align]
  3. Hello!! Not sure if this is the right place to post... but my FC is looking for a housing to call home in Balmung! We are aware of the upcoming patch that will install new ward and/or clearing out inactive player housing. But we don't know what that's going to happen and we just wanted to check out to see if anyone was selling or (hopefully/luckily) requinlish the plot to us for free. <3 (Goblet would be preferred but we can't be too picky!)
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