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  1. Thanks for all the great responses! I'll check people's info if I'm not sure, but how do you change your own?
  2. Cool, thanks guys! I've gone into the Quicksand tens of times and thought, yeah I'm gonna do some awesome RP tonight! But then thought I may be bugging people haha. Sorry if the title was misleading. I'm not trying to pick people up. :lol:
  3. I'm curious how people, particularly people who hang out in Ul'dah, feel about unorganized RP. Since joining this forum, I have learned how most people have dedicated groups and intertwined story arcs, and it would seem rude or out of place simply strike up conversation. I find it more natural to be IC on the spot. I'm also not sure how being new to RP will be received by RP heavy linkshells. (PS: Whoever was RPing Haurchefant in Ishgard and Limsa, you made my day.)
  4. Thanks for the help. You're right, I ended up with all 190 and a few 200s, walking into 3.1 at ilvl193.
  5. o man I watched this live last night/this morning, and now I'm falling asleep. It looks pretty good. Knights of the 12 EX hype. :bouncy: Not so happy about hard airship content being locked behind FCs.
  6. DDjlaN-X8-0 ahhh this girl. uXxTRnxmY-c
  7. Welcome! What ya reading?
  8. Ton


    Welcome! Check out the Quicksand. There is usually some kinda RP going on there. (new as well)
  9. Ton

    Patch 3.1 Previews!

    Hmm, not a fan of the new gear's aesthetic. Top hat, gilded western-esque themes never struck me as attractive. The Void Ark gear, now that's quite nice in my opinion. The Arboretum looks interesting. Biology and botany are a bit of a hobby, so I can't wait to run it. :geek: It would be amazing if some of the drops included old school botany gear, like glass cloches and unique plants you could decorate your house with.
  10. *pushes glasses up* Damn. That is really.. really good. I've never had work done before, but I would put you on the list of people I would commission.
  11. A salt breeze swept low over the pier, buffeting the young Miqote's hair. Gray wisps danced in an unruly halo around his head. Silk brocade fluttered in red and gold, grasping after the damp wind. One pale hand rubbed the black enamel pommel of his bow. The other ran slow across the bows length, blue veins bright with the sudden chill. Tensing each end, L'sta ground his thumbnail against the taught bow-string, wiggling it off its hooked end. The cord snapped off the bow end across L'sta's wrist, drawing a deep red welt. Silence. Gold eyes opened, light piercing the thin slits of eyes belonging to a Seeker. The bow was young, stiff as obsidian, unforgiving. With the movement of a thousand Bards before him, L'sta gathered the waxed cord and coiled it round his wrist. Moisture is the enemy of a Bard. It causes a noisy arrow and a slow shot. L'sta remembered these teachings, burned into his mind a thousandfold. L'sta stared unblinking at the swelling welt on his wrist, remembering his first kill. The shot was poor, a damp string, and a mildew bow. He had been following the Apkallu through a wet rocky outcrop, waiting for the moment. The noisy arrow flew and burried below the left wing, bleeding crimson across the jagged rocks native to Vylbrand. L'sta remembered. Tears mixed with the white paint, streaking his face as he stumbled after the old bird. The Apkallu had stopped, frozen, chest heaving as it saw him approach. L'sta had looked into that black marble eye, wet against its soft green plumage, before he struck with his knife. A soft release of breath from its tiny chest. The crash of waves poured out into silence as L'Sta choked his breath, bow forgotten. He had stroked the bird's head until the cold and damp caused his limbs to ache. In the distance, stone still, a gray Sahagin had watched. L'sta pulled his long glove above his wrist and the bowstring coiled there. Shifting to his side, he reached into his pocket and smoothed the green feather he kept as a reminder. Another gust of wind whipped across the inlet, lashing violent ripples against the pier. L'Sta gazed across the inlet, the black tiered barricades stamped proud against the skyline of the Rhotano Sea. Scarlet banners snapped from white towers like flames against the sky. The creaks and groans of rigging and wood drifted across the expanse. Limsa Lominsa. This was home. [align=center][/align]
  12. Confession: I am beginning to love my character more and the game more as I piece together my first RP. My entire attitude towards the game has changed. I'm looking for beautiful scenes to collect and doing research on everything from kabutos to white dye to travel routes and major landmarks. Drama, samurai-esque philosophy, miqote tribal issues, war, abandonment, everything. I can't wait to piece together my first journal installment.
  13. Just saw it. This looks great. I've often lamented the sort of cluttered administrative look on FF pages, so this is a big step forward IMO. :bouncy:
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