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  1. SUPER LATE on replying to this. I forgot the forum existed for awhile lol. Feel free to hit me up with your hooks.
  2. Kawaiimalz

    Roleplayer Uncertainty/Insecurity Theater

    I feel my biggest insecurity is interacting with people I do not know well outside the game. Finding new people is hard, and I tend to oversell myself oocly when trying to lock people in for repeat RP or when I fear basic stuff I do scares people off I'll overcompensate and try to tell them I'm normal I swear. Outside of my FC, I really don't know how to find a lot of RP, and I'm always so afraid to do walk-ups. I try to hug to events but finding ones I can attend, and then being a stranger to everyone there...
  3. [align=center]http://i.imgur.com/MNiqpfX.png[/img][/align] [align=center]Coeurl's Skulls? Tonberry Lanterns? Bottled Breath of the Marlboro?[/align] [align=center]Whatever you need, we can get to you, for a price![/align] [align=center]Need something now? Gardner's Goods is always brimming with things to sell.[/align] [align=center]Need some cash now? Bring your goods to us, we'll buy them at the highest price![/align] [align=center]Maybe you just need a good crew for your Airship? Our staff has flown with the best![/align] [align=center]Find Gardner now! Our time is your money![/align] [align=center]Ribald Gardner is a Merchant, a Pilot, and a charismatic Midlander well beyond his own good. Gil speaks, and Ribald is deaf to any other talk that you could offer him. Gardner's Goods represents the company Ribald keeps, from his paid peddlers to the chocobo hauling his goods. He travels across the realm, stopping at all settlements to peddle his wares, and to trade secrets...[/align] [align=center]That is his hidden trade, a man who loves to trade gossip and secrets behind the goods and the appearance of an average businessman, though it's popularity has rose in the coming years. After all, who better to trade tales with than the captain of the Bronze Lynx, Ribald's personal airship.[/align] [align=center]So what are you waiting for? Need a captain for your ship? Ribald's your guy. Need something special for the misses? Ribald's your guy. Need someone to add some flavor to your dinner party? Ribald's your guy![/align] [align=center]- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [/align] [align=center]Ribald is meant to be played as a very charismatic, charming, and sociable individual. His main role is as a merchant, and will often open his stall for long Roleplay Events where he, and anyone else with a Merchant or trader, or craftsman in general, can come and make connections and sales. Otherwise, he is also meant to rub shoulders with nobles and military heads as he IS a Ship Captain, and a retired soldier.[/align] [align=center]His character is inspired by the concept of a man who can't quite get rid of his old habits, despite trying to live a new life with a new trade, using his position and memories to sell a second service as well. Heavilly inspired by the beloved Littlefinger from Game of Thrones.[/align] [align=center]In terms of connections I am looking for:[/align] [align=center]*Nobles, Military men, Company Leaders who may remember him from the past[/align] [align=center]*Anyone looking to hire an Airship Pilot[/align] [align=center]*Anyone who is a merchant, or has a Tradeskill they want to make money on[/align] [align=center]*Any form of Company/Linkshell based on merchants[/align] [align=center]*Anyone who "Runs" or "Owns" a settlement for him to run a stall in[/align] [align=center]*Anything else really[/align] [align=center]In terms of how I plan to RP his sales:[/align] [align=center]*All sales will NOT involve actual Gil/Item trade, they will be strictly RP[/align] [align=center]*I will only sell things I feel he could get, and if not something I feel he has readily available I'll actually go through the effort to RPly acquire it. Shipping fees may be added.[/align] [align=center]*Same as sales, and purchases will not involve actual Gil to Item trades. Only RP.[/align] [align=center]That said, fire away with any offers, questions, or the like.[/align]
  4. [align=center]Despite a long forum Hiatus, I have ACTUALLY been rather busy and around. Now that my time seems more available I've rolled up a few new characters for the other RP interests I've had. I'll be including my primary here as well.[/align] [align=center]Aymon Wollhundsyn[/align] [align=center]Male - Half Seawolf / Half Midlander - Mercenary[/align] [align=center]Former alcoholic now turned father and husband. An almost forgotten criminal, and former bandit chief, now working for the Fireborn as a mercenary. Damning armor and arms, Aymon fights very viciously with only fists and feet, never a weapon and never any protection. Often seen at taverns if only for the Bar Brawls and humor, and a very protective papa bear despite being very crass and innapropriate.[/align] [align=center]-Open to any roleplay, From Fighting to Social | Traits: Charismatic, Berserker, Comic Relief-[/align] [align=center]Ribald Gardner[/align] [align=center]Male - Midlander - Trader[/align] [align=center]Nothing is more precious than Gil, and what can't be sold can easily be traded. Ribald prides himself on the ability to sell and trade almost anything. Services, Good, information. A travelling trader out of Uldah, who loves to make connections. While not keen on fighting, he does show the wear and tear of a man retired from the field. Currently without a place to call home, and working what small deals he can with what goods he has left.[/align] [align=center]-Open to Social and Business RP | Traits: Merchant, Proper/Sophisticated, Airship Pilot-[/align] [align=center]Kokoyuki Tatayuki[/align] [align=center]Male - Lalafell - Baker[/align] [align=center]The last thing he wishes to be called is cute, yet he uses it to his advantage. A baker who runs a sweets shop, and his adorable look and nature to attract customers despite the fact on the inside he is a sociopath. A ball of rage hidden beneath a blueberry topping, he tries to hide his true self while offering you delicious muffins and more![/align] [align=center]-Open to all roleplay | Traits: Adorable as crap, Yandere, Cinnamon Rolls-[/align] [align=center]Nurqui Ura[/align] [align=center]Male - Au'Ra - Aether Researcher[/align] [align=center]To master magic, one must experiment with magic. Nerqui pushes the limit of Aether and magic, trying to find it's full potential. He creates, and pushes even his own safety to create and explore what others may be afraid to. It may have something to do with the odd marks seen from his chest, but he won't let you too close to inspect. Always serious, seemingly always in pain, but very intelligent. [/align] [align=center]-Open to all roleplay, May push lore a smidge | Traits: Hyper Intelligence, In deep Pain from Hidden Source, Mysterious-[/align]
  5. Kawaiimalz

    Pugilists and Monks IC Fighting Styles

    Aymon's fighting style is... Well. Weird. Ideally he is head on, full offensive, and even if it'll hurt himself he'll throw himself at an attack if it will hurt his opponent too, once headbutting an oncoming fist. His style is all about force and speed, but comes off as very reckless and has little defense. He often breaks his own knuckles trying (And on two lucky occasions successfully) punching through thick armor, and has literally headbutted a behemoth for fun. It used to be much like Drunken Boxing, as I intended to make him a Drunken Master. However, as his wife has made him give up drinking, I now refer to it as an untrained style of Taekwondo. The same concept and theory behind Taekwondo, but minus the discipline and add in a few too many headbutts for his own wellbeing.
  6. Kawaiimalz

    Returning once more

  7. Kawaiimalz

    Returning once more

    Here to stay, I hope. Only left cause work devoured me. Promised girlfriend I would play more, and roleplay more, and I refuse to dissapoint her ^^ So far he's broken his FC leader, and managed to headbutt a fellow Roe into near concussion. But thank you for the WB YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD! (Wait, maybe. Aymon only new his mom)
  8. Kawaiimalz

    Magic Tattoos?

    It was an example, not entirely what I am aiming for I was just coming up with single effects that could be invoked via the tattoos. Hmm, well I'd start with little things that all seems fine to add to your character's flavour. Things like breathing fire starts to push it a bit for me. However, many have magic items that perform feats of some worth and so a tattoo would not be a problem in my book. You could have the tattoo be one shot, need recharging after use or maybe gets charged when you use an Aetherite crystal. For actual powers I'd consider looking at cross class skills, as these are already things folks can do in the mechanics. In this way the tattoo becomes your mechanism for using said skills, though you may have to get a bit creative. Example to toughen the body - see Stoneskin. If you want to go further then maybe use this as the way they use all their skills. In this way the character is no different to others and you just change the way they activate their skills. Like a Summoner who uses his body as his tome, and text moves over his form (see the TV show Dominion for a nice reference). In the end I would use this for flavour and not to add extra power-ups for your character. Put in some downsides, like times to activate, that he must be able to see them, is always taking their shirt off, and so on. Well, the main question for this was would it work for people who don't know how to use their own aether? Like, say giving a pugilist a tattoo that when triggered makes his punches have a lightning effect to them, while the Pugilist doesn't need to do much on his end besides whatever the trigger is.
  9. Kawaiimalz

    Magic Tattoos?

    So for a concept I am working with, I wanted to know if something like this was possible: A form of Tattoo that is capable of allowing someone to tap into their inner Aether, usually someone who is incapable or otherwise inexperienced with it, to do limited and specific things based on the tattoo style/ink/method/etc? Like allowing for one's body to be more nuturally resistant, or to add an element to one's unarmed strikes that normally wouldn't be there? Mayhaps by using ink mixed with ground up Crystals/materia? Or other such arts I'm just not aware of in the lore? And is there an extent to how far this could go, like could one actually gain the ability to breath lightning/fire? Or cast his body with tough scales like a dragon? Asking for a character I may be making, with a story based around this concept~ Totally interested in both possibilities, as well as hindrances of doing this~
  10. Kawaiimalz

    Returning once more

    So last time I was here I set up a lot of plots, joined a FC, and then vanished due to work. Well now me, and my lovable half-breed, are back~ For those who don't know me? I roleplay Aymon, a Hyur-Gadyn who drinks and fights for fun, but is actually a big lovable teddybear. I am also a total Nerd and love writing and reading, and doing nerdy things. I play a lot of games, love to make stories, and I am also lame. Aymon also likes to headbutt behemoths.
  11. Kawaiimalz

    Half-breed just trying to have fun!

    I wish I still had the picture of him Flexing to reply to this with now.
  12. Kawaiimalz

    Half-breed just trying to have fun!

    I have returned from my very forced hiatus to come back to this beautiful place. So what's my return I felt it was proper to bump the thread so that I could find some more Roleplay
  13. Kawaiimalz

    [Brainstorming] A slow rise to power

    I'm considering like a crystal or shard of one. (I totally haven't been saying the word Chaos Shard in my head all day) but not sure yet how I want it to function or ultimately what will happen. The character I plan to use will be using magic though. Haven't decided what school. Thinking I want him to either be a summoner or a thaumaturge
  14. So I'm back after a very busy holiday and I have a... Well I won't say unique because unique is so hard to do anymore, but an interesting idea that u want to pull off and I would like some aid. I've been thinking about doing a character who has some form of unwanted precense (Could be a shard of magic technology or like a possession) that while causing negative effects also slowly empowers them until some big fancy epic release (as the way all powerful characters in the FF world do, though nine will probably wait till I am in an FC) with a fancy battle before returning to a more normal but heavilly weakened state compared to what he has been. While in most RP this may be simple to do but hard to work out I know FF has more to take into account so... Any ideas on how to pull this off?
  15. Kawaiimalz

    Half-breed just trying to have fun!

    Annndd I live again. work + Larp Weekend + Overtly Sick :'D.