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  1. Main Character's Name: Etoile MoritsukiServer: OmegaBrief descriptions and/or links to any Wiki's: Etoile Moritsuki a quiet, calm and optimistic woman, with a serious but courteous demeanour. A strictly disciplined and extremely rational Clan Leader. Leading 12 families as the head of a big clan in Othard lands lead the young mother to grow as a person. With the Support of those she trust and care she wishes to make a difference in this world. Be it on her Clan, with her husband and children. FC: [Omega] Tempus Ballad Linkshell: [Multi Server] Ballad Network | The Moritsuki Clan.Usually online between: GMT -3 (8PM/11:30PM) [Weekdays] - (7am-11:00pm) [Weekends/Holidays] Language(s): English and Portuguese Intensity: Casual to Heavy
  2. The idea of a free company is not bad however i feel that would limit the idea, a linkshell would be better as to connect more Othardians/Domans characters, Discord would be a great idea as well as other said. and i am pretty sure many others players have their Domans/Othardians Clan, and connecting these clans for future RP and events to the liberation would be interesting. Looking forward to see what will be done out of it.
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