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  1. Lucky Seven <<LUCKY>> of Balmung is looking to grow and prosper! Are you a thief? pickpocket? common criminal? someone who isn’t afraid to do a little… crime? someone who hates the bourgeoisie and thinks nobles can go suck it? “Gee I really hate how the nobles are totally okay with letting people starve while they stuff themselves with caviar made of gil or whatever it is rich people eat! I sure do wish I could really make their lives mildly inconvenient!” Lucky Seven is a band of thieves that takes it’s inspiration from FFIX. Run by two Garlean bred clones made via ancient Allagan technology who ran away to Ul’dah, they quickly turned to crime in order to survive and developed a healthy general annoyance by the upperclass and nobility! Now residing in Shirogane (16th Ward, Plot 26) in order to take the heat off (and to get as far away as possible from any potential Garlemald threat), they’re looking to expand their retinue and go back to doing what they do best! Drinking! Sneaking into Noble’s houses to steal things! Giving back to the poor and needy! MORE DRINKING TO COPE WITH THE FACT THAT YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE IS A TERRIFYING JOKE. no, no wait that’s just Selphie. Ignore that. Scratch that, ignore her. she has an existential crisis every few hours, she’ll be fine. If this sounds like it’s up your alley, send me a PM, a tell in game (Selphie Terrra or Aea Taharka), or pay us a visit at our hideout - Bran Bal in Shirogane Ward 16, plot 26! Mind the weeds, we’re not sure who or what may be lurking in them. You can also send Selphie a message on tumblr - selphieterra.tumblr.com or get @ me on discord - Selphie#6969 We’re an RP focused FC, but we’re not super lore heavy cos having fun is the number one focus always. We’re definitely looking for people who want an FC to grow with! our house! Thanks for your time! If you’re not interested in joining the FC - we are also still looking for people/other FCs to make friends with/roleplay! Just send a tell or message!
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