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  1. Welcome aboard the RPC! You'll find many and more people here willing to lend you a helping hand with a great deal of things, so don't be afraid to ask!
  2. Aha, a fellow, rare Aerslaent Wolf! Now that is most heart and welcome. My greetings and welcomes as well, young'un. In case you happen to stumble across the crimson grimace of Rhotdornn Hyrtfyrsyn, do not hesitate to say hello to the swordsman & punchfist McGee! I've been wondering where all of our native kin have scampered off to. Probably still home, go figure. Anyroads, a hearty welcome to Balmung all the same. You'll come to find that it is brimming with RP, activity, and absolutely fantastic people. Any shenanigans you might hear are just that--rumors of folk who most likely m
  3. Welcome to Balmung, kinswoman! Hope you have a mighty good time here. Feel free to hit me up if you stumble across me in the jolly big world!
  4. Welcome to the realm of Eorzea! Whaddya waitin' for, fellow Roe--hope you get onto Balmung as quickly as you can! Definitely worth the transfer!
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome! Aye, I currently dwell in Europe, and I mighty appreciate the Directory which you linked, shall make things easier. I've come across a plethora of open-world RP, but still lacking the idea as to how and even if to approach them and get involved. So far, content with watching people RP it out--many bounty hunters looming around as it appears, better watch out.
  6. Hail friend, and well met. A day ago, I found myself transferred to Balmung, with a humble collective of characters to match suit. My main, a Roegadyn Seal Wolf named Etarellion Dreluron was the first of the lot, and I plan to use him most for my PvE and RP endeavors. I'm utterly new to FFXIV and Eorzea as a whole, being only level 30 after a few day's worth of play. I'm still very much in the process of defining my character ICly--but thus far, you can't go wrong with sharing a few bottles of drink with him, nor assuming that he's a golly lumbering gentle giant--with a knack for bra
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