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  1. marianne56

    How do people feel about un-universe characters?

    It would also be 'interesting if you ran into someone else also playing "Edda". Like the old psychiatry joke about putting two people who both think they are 'Napoleon' into the same room. The one that finally decides they're actually Napoleons brother is the one that can eventually be cured...
  2. marianne56

    Ageism and Age Demographics in XIV

    So, where's the article?
  3. marianne56

    Ageism and Age Demographics in XIV

    It might be construed as ageist in and of itself since the top 'bracket' is simply 51+ with no further distinction! It could also be argued that the 'best' role players are the ones with real-life experiences/expertise/knowledge to draw upon. As an example, I've worked as a blacksmith's apprentice, taught Japanese sword fighting, made my own traditional archery gear, fought 'heavy' in the SCA, raised kids and been married more than once. One could, therefore, make the entirely opposite argument and say that many under-30's lack sufficient real life experience to truly role-play.
  4. marianne56

    just transferred in to Balmung

    looking for light to medium RP (as in no deep twisty complex plot lines), preferably with other open minded adults. Elawyn, like many, had a tragic upbringing. Details of which only surface after quite a few drinks. Suffice it to say she often travels around the shroud hunting bandits and leaving their corpses hanging from the branches as a warning to those that might prey on the weak or helpless. She's more open to other races than most Elezen, lacking their typical superior attitude, she even counts many of the beast races as potential friends, seeing them simply as people struggling to survive in a world where dark forces are at work. She, like her player, falls into the LGBT demographic, and I'd be interested in meeting up with LGBT friendly FC's. I generally play a few evenings each week (eastern time), and most mornings starting early (I work from home and have the luxury of being able to do so. Morning are usually spent gathering and crafting tho, since I can get interrupted with the daemon work stuff at any time). I don't do a lot of combat, these ancient hands suffer from carpal tunnel and incipient arthritis, mashing the buttons too fast and hard aggravates those conditions (and I need to be able to type for work).
  5. marianne56

    just transferred in to Balmung

    Character is Elawyn Winddancer, female Elezen crafter/gatherer. She's always looking to make new friends. Personality-wise she's a little shy at first, but after a drink or two she might open up and even get a little flirty. (Me, long time MMORPG roleplayer going back to the early days of Ultima Online)