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  1. I'm looking to transfer to the Japanese DC because trying to play on NA servers from Asia isnt too great ping wise. Was wondering if there were any communities in the Japanese DCs.
  2. Just an FYI, this FC has been disbanded for quite a while
  3. I dont believe there is anything different heavy RPers to casual(light) / Medium RPing aside from how committed you are to RPing. I like to define Heavy RP as that RPing is your main focus in the game. You join an RPing FC(or not, doesnt have to be), get super involved and immersed with your character and his/her story. Basically RPing is all you do on this game. If you do other things in the game, such as crafting, raiding and so on, you would fall into the Med/casual RPing. But this is just my opinion, since there is no real rule that determines whether a person is a heavy RPer or not.
  4. Kinda of a long shot since I havent seen many / any RPers from Cactuar posting, but is RPing a thing in Cactuar? I'm considering of transferring because my static is there, and would greatly prefer if there are fellow RPers in the server.
  5. Is it active? Can't compare it to Balmung, but it's slow been picking up. Quicksand used to be empty, but now a handful of RPers hang out in the area. I've connected with most of the people I RP with via sending them /tells or digging around the forum or the RPM (Mateus RPing Discord). It's okay to check the Quicksands once in a while, but I wouldn't recommend that to be your only source in trying to look for new people to connect with. Mateus only has started gaining a lot of population due to Balmung being locked down so it's hard to say whether it's going to be the another unofficia
  6. Just pointing this out in case you were not aware, but the link to your toon's RPC is broken. You have an extra space (%20) in front of your link!
  7. @Kasi I'll definitely drop by the FC when I'm free! Sounds like an interesting place for Kaila to associate herself with.
  8. EDIT: This post does not exist! Hello, I've rerolled my character and only recently finalized my new character's story. A lot of my old contacts has quitted or not really go well with my new character, so I'm looking to forge new relationships for her! Kaila is the youngest child of 5 children between a Keeper father and a Seeker mother. Her entire family was murdered by one of her brother, Kaila barely escaping before her brother has gotten the chance to kill her too. Kaila was young and was not sure what to do, she did not know (and even till today, she doesn't) why her brother
  9. Hello, I was wondering if anyone would know if slaves are a thing in Eorzea. If they are, how are these slaves distinguished from normal people? Do they have a certain branding on somewhere on their bodies?
  10. I know the "Queen's Gambit" is an fc of monster hunters. I was a member in the fc for a while and they were really fun to RP with. Try giving them a poke.
  11. First of all, welcome to Balmung! I am a bit skeptical with RP LSs. I've been in multiple RP Linkshells, but I've never really benefited a lot from being in it. Don't get me wrong, I've found a few good connections once in a while, but it seemed like everyone is scared of taking the initiative and was waiting for someone else to be looking for people to RP with. It was okay at first, but later it got annoying for me. I eventually left all of the linkshells and just started camping around QS, approaching people that I found interesting. I don't know any LS on the top of my head, but
  12. I like the idea, but this is what worries me too. We have a pretty high character limit that you'll have to send multiple mails to make up for it. But nonetheless, I am so down for this!
  13. Koharu might be a good fit for this. I wouldn't say she is loyal to the empire, but she is forced to be loyal to the empire. Her family are held hostage by the empire, and has also been forced to enlist in the Garlean military. Currently she is working as an information broker in Eorzea, but beneath her cover, she is a Garlean spy, gathering any useful information and reporting it back to the empire, hoping one day she would be able to free her family from the Empire's grasp. If this has caught your interest, you can either pm me here or ig (Koharu Iyashi)!
  14. Bumping! How does the Garlean empire feel toward the Au Ra and Doma in general? I've been playing around with Koharu, being a female raen, was forced to be a member of the Garlean empire's army. Is this a possible scenario?
  15. A question about Raens and Xaelas. Are the two race hostile to the other race? Or are they just two different race with different culture and lifestyle, and really have nothing toward the other race?
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