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  1. [align=center] [/align] [align=center]The Sunset in Stone HQ has received an upgrade![/align] We are now OOCly located in the Lavender Beds! Because of this, we'll be closed for the next week or so while we remodel and get everything in order. We hope to have more news for you soon!
  2. ATM it might be best to reach us on Discord! Voren usually is on, but late at night due to his work schedule, and I'm currently studying for midterms so my times will be more sporadic than usual for a bit (I'm usually on in the afternoons when it's not test time though!). Sorry about that!
  3. Sure thing! And that's fine if he's still in ARR content. We've been thinking of doing some hunts in the old areas anyway as we had some people who were returns and were still in HW content (Although they did get to SB stuff). We are cutting back on our events a bit, so instead of being once a week it may be bi-weekly, but we will still be having our open RP events every Sunday. Our website stays up-to-date with all of our events and schedules, and you're more than welcome to contact us for any questions you may have. Thanks for your interest!
  4. Not a problem! Thanks for your interest!
  5. In Game Theme(s): Trading Company, Adventuring, Mercenary, Tribal FC/LS Name: Sunset in Stone / Sunset in Stone : <> Website url: https://qayagahara.enjin.com/ Contacts: Voren Qayagahara, Maral Qayagahara, Kirsa Qayagahara Housing: Sunset in Stone Company, Mist (Ward 4, Plot 55). ICly located in Kugane. Side note: I saw this thread in my feed and was going to mention that the Turuk Bairon was disbanded, but it was already taken care of. Apologies! The FC leader had to disband for health reasons.
  6. We've got some tabs set up at the top! Under 'Joining' we've put our contact info, but I'll repost it again for ya: Voren Qayagahara (in game) Voren Mox#7324 (discord) Maral Qayagahara (in game) lliese#0328 (discord) Kirsa Qayagahara (in game) Misky Wren#9969 Feel free to contact any of us on discord or in game if you have questions! RPC is probably not the best avenue as I'm the only one with an account. Thanks for your interest!
  7. [align=center][/align] [align=center][CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR RECRUITMENT!] [LINKSHELL IS OPEN!][/align] Due to scheduling, we are currently closing our doors for recruitment, but our IC and OOC linkshells are open to those still interested in participating in our events (you do not have to be a FC member participate in our activities!). Discord is by invite only. [align=center]-------------------------------------------------[/align] The Sunset in Stone Company <> is a small operation currently based out of Kugane. At the moment we provide limited transportation of goods and services around Othard, seeking to expand out West. Along with this we offer mercenary services. This company is ran by a small xaela clan, the Qayagahara: a former Oronir branch who once specialized in enchanting special prisms with properties that could imbue materials they were implanted into with unique abilities - not unlike materia. It is our aim to revive this art for practical and commercial use to bolster the Qayagahara and company name. Our goal and focus is to engage in overarching storylines for the company/clan and all characters involved. We do this via events and open RP, and encourage players to integrate themselves into the plot or weave their own stories into the narrative. We don't demand folks to be in the company to participate in our activities. If you're looking for an active FC to get involved with plots or events, but are in a FC or aren't looking for a FC in particular, feel free to look us up! We have a discord, LS, and a small house in the Mists (although we're ICly located in Kugane).
  8. This sounds like fun! So here's my character Maria Zolts Her mother Oria Hellsfury And father Leran Lionsblood
  9. LOL I was going to say hello but I guess Algun already popped in a while ago. Hello! I play Maral. My character is a fighter-type who was originally born in the Oronir clan. I took some rather liberal applications with the whole 'direct descendants of Azim' so she has strong beliefs about keeping a strong mind and body. Nothing extravagant, she just has the mentality that life is Azim's blessing and so there's beauty and strength inherent in everyone. She's one of my younger characters, around 21, polite, ambitious, somewhat oblivious but also logical and observant. As mentioned above, she values strength, although this doesn't have to be physical, and likes meeting new people. Her duties to the clan don't have her going out much, but if you're interested in meeting her I'm sure something could be worked out. She also loves fighting, although I'm a ham and scared of writing fighting scenes so I don't have her participate in that sort of thing often. Feel free to message me here or online @ Maral Oronir
  10. In Game Theme(s): Clan Specific FC/LS Name: Turuk Bairon : Website url: http://turuk-bairon.enjin.com/ Contacts: Algun Bairon, Tentan Bairon, Maral Oronir, Natigai Bairon Housing: Turuk Bairlasan (an encampent ICly located in Southern Thanalan near an oasis) Zone, Ward, Plot: Goblet Ward 2 Plot 52
  11. Sure! Feel free to message me in whatever way is comfortable for you. Looking forward to learning more about your characters.
  12. Hello! I'm fairly new to this RPing on video game thing (I've been exclusively forums), having only started I wanna say two to three weeks ago. I've done the hang out at Quicksand/Drowning Wench scene. Well, TBH while my character (Maria Zolts) isn't shy or awkward, I am, so things haven't been going as well as I'd like. I am in an awesome FC though, so that's been helpful. Nonetheless, I'd like for my character to meet others and form new bonds, relationships, and develop as a whole. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v114/catriana/Game%20Screencaps/Maria%20Zolts/maria13_zpszasttw7m.jpg[/img] I would love to have someone for Maria to interact with on the long term, but short term is fine as well. Love interest is not off the table, as Maria's (distant)dream is to ultimately have a large family, but atm she's not interested in romance or in having a lover/flings. It'd take some work/plotting. +5 if you're a roegadyn man though. Since joining her FC she's not really holding down an official job. She travels and is doing personal research on aetherial theory and any history pertaining to magic. For extra gil on the side she is a seamstress/leatherworker. As an adventurer, she shows herself off as a thaumaturge. Personality-wise, Maria comes off as laid back and easy to please/amuse. Very casual upon first meeting and has a live and let live mentality. Her motto is practially 'far be it for me to judge...' Ofc that's something to explore for long term RP, since it can make her come off as uncaring. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v114/catriana/Game%20Screencaps/Maria%20Zolts/ffxiv_dx11%202016-08-06%2022-34-25-57_zpsmqrjmgz8.jpg[/img] +♥'s: + Brandy (or rum, but brandy is 1st choice) + Baths and Bath houses + Books + Pretty much anything sweet + Fashion -♥'s - Insincerity - Cruelty - Ochu and Morbols (don't ask) - Pushiness Alignment: Neutral Good More information can be found on her Wiki Page. She also has a tumblr. I'm on PST and am on at sporadic hours, but can be found online during the afternoons/evenings, since my FC holds a lot of events during the week.
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