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  1. After five years ghosting around in FLEET I can claim two things: I have grown as both a roleplayer and a person in this group of wonderful individuals. From someone who struggles with intense anxiety disorders I could hardly roleplay more than once a month for nearly two of those years. But every time I chimed in, or returned from a hiatus, they welcomed me back with open arms and would always promptly update me on all I missed. It was like my character had never gone, ICly I was welcomed back just as strongly. IRL comes first and game second. But when the time for the game comes? Ask for RP and you will FIND IT. Anyway, for four of those years I became bolder. I made those RP connections and slowly but steadily grew in confidence. Until finally, in the tail end of this year, I've successfully hosted my first small-time events, have helped others DM their own, and created a consistent schedule of roleplay for myself every other week. Whenever I asked for help doing these things a plethora of members jumped to my aid and it made all the difference. Furthermore, to emphasize what Diskwrite said above me, not only are most of us queer as fuck but I've found in FLEET a consistently open community in which we feel safe to discuss ourselves and our identities. So many members have stepped up to the plate in this; willing to productively educate and actively support each other in who we are. I've learned so much. I've literally discovered more about myself, my identity and these people have captured my heart for it. Not to mention plenty of our actual characters are SO damn queer and much our discussion and support directly translates over to character development. But to address the elephant in the room: when anything, and I mean anything, crops up that is either uncomfortable, ignorant or hateful - the reaction has never been to hand wave it away. It. Is. Addressed. Our members often react with a level head, but if some don't? Others always come to aid as communicative and validating forces and our leader steps in. Moenmoen will ALWAYS step in. She has an extensive track record for professionally approaching all parties and I've personally seen her do so to suss out details and determine how to react appropriately. TLDR: <<FLEET>> may be the safest of spaces to both exist in and create your character without fear of toxic players. If you are looking for a roleplay community with Maelstrom Flavor™, an FC with multiple connections to other FCs and a willingness to competently collaborate with the server at large? Look no further. <<FLEET>> is the home that found me and kept me.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^ Thank you so so so so SO MUCH for all the love and work you guys put into the Chronicle. Each new addition was a treat and you guys covered so much of 's stuff as well. Thank you for being so active, willing, friendly, communicative and awesome. I look forward to seeing what changes and publications the Garnet Gazette might bring. Is there a link to any sort of website they might have up yet, or a discord?
  3. So many members joining already! THE HYPE IS REAL!! Thank you for making this FC+Linkshell and putting such good work and time into it Moen~ I look forward to RP'ing and building this community with you all!!
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