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  1. Hey can I have an invite on both of my characters? Zek Ura and Rumeru Talalu :3 Would be awesome! Thanks!
  2. All of the above? lol Honestly a home. The Linkshell is fun and we can hook up any time, but we'd like a place where our characters can embed themselves and "live," to build relationships and long-term storylines. That's really it. Military-oriented is a plus I guess but it's really not that important. Anyways, UPDATE: Zek is currently hanging out in the Haven Inn and I'm liking it there, so. This might all be OBE.
  3. Thanks for all the replies, everyone :3 I'm gonna look into some of the resources mentioned. We both already joined an IC linkshell, but I don't think it's leading to any FC invites lol
  4. Hello, my friend and I just recently joined in the fun on Balmung and have had a hard time trying to find a FC to join and give our characters a home. Was wondering if any FC out there would like to give two wandering, typical Xaelas a shot. As for what we're looking for, honestly, we don't care. Any active company that does serious RP but has a friendly OOC atmosphere is perfect......... Character names are Zek Ura and Akagane Ura. Pic related, it's us. :3
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