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  1. If it was a stranger, she would probably scoot away or hide behind someone out of sheer discomfort. From a friend, she would probably blush deeply, but then avoid eye contact. I don’t think she’d even be able to come up with a something to say.
  2. This is an old topic, but then again it seems the prompts forums aren’t too active so I thought there would be no harm in sharing. Shelly is reserved and quiet. Very kind, and not at all shy, but thoughtful and more of a listener and advice giver. The topic really made me have to stop and think. But I think I finally settled on Lady from Lady and the Tramp. They’re both feminine and demure but also strong-willed and compelled to do what they think is right. Both can be a bit naive, but open-minded and rational. It suits Shelly perfectly.
  3. Thanks! This helps a bit. I think I might just go with Shelly Blackfox
  4. Hey guys, so it's kind of a complicated story but bear with me. I came here from WoW and I have an RP character who is my pride and joy. A gnome named Shelly Flashtrigger with the moniker "Black Fox" I've been RPing this character for years across different universes in RP. WoW DnD Guild Wars 2 and original fiction She's a dear character of mine whom I've had for years and years and she always ends up my main in any game I play. Her surname is variable and I don't mind changing it, but her first name and her moniker always remain the same. I'm trying to bring her into FFXIV but lalafel naming conventions are really putting me in a stump. I just can't make any variation name work in any way that's recognizable. I thought it would be no big deal and that I could just randomize her name with the name generator and landed on Yuii Yui. But after playing her for a while, it just doesn't feel the same. It doesn't feel like Shelly. I would really like to hold on to the name "Shelly" or some variation similar to it, but Sheshelly Shelly just sounds awful. The character has been with me for so many years, she's kind of a remnant of my old highschool weeb phase from when I was 14 (ten years ago) so her moniker, Black Fox is kind of inspired by the nine-tailed fox so I was thinking of maybe breaking naming conventions and making her surname "Kitsune" and just saying it's a moniker or title she picked up, but I don't know how flexible the community is, and people might assume I'm not an RPer if the name is not lore abiding. I don't know, I feel like I'm rambling at this point, but if anyone could help me find a variation of Shelly or Black Fox that would fit plainsfolk lalafel naming conventions or help me find a lore reason her name would be Shelly Blackfox, or some variation of it, I'd really appreciate it.
  5. I. Basic Info Characters:Rorodo Rodo, Ulan Dorthal Primary character:Rorodo Rodo Linkshells:None yet Primary RP linkshell:None yet [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium-light, depending on what time I have. Views on RP combat and injuries: In large groups or in public RP I use a roll system, but with a trusted partner, I'll just trust the other to take and dodge hits within reason. I have 0 tolerance for God-modding and will cease all RP if a player attempts to do so. That also goes for infinite dodges. If I'm going to take my hits, I expect the other to do the same. Permanently crippling or killing my characters is explicitly forbidden without my permission. Views on IC romance: I allow it to progress naturally through interaction. If it happens, it happens. The only exception I will make is any romantic attachments to a character played by a minor, mostly because I like to write smut on occasion (though probably not on my lalafell). I am comfortable with mature themes so long as it's tasteful. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I won't accept any requests to make immediate family with my character (brother, sister, mother, father). More distant relatives (cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles) may be negotiable. Family friends, ties, enemies, or allies are also negotiable. Views on lore: I'm a strictly lore abiding RPer, but I'm willing to hear out any ideas for gray areas in lore and I take my own creative liberties with headcanon. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): OOC and IC conversations are preferred in different channels. Aside from that, I'm flexible. [*] III. Other Info Country:Texas, USA Timezone:CST Contact info:Message me here on this site
  6. Hey! I read about Shroudlife in your signature. I have a character concept for my Au Ra that fits perfectly. Unfortunately she's still stuck on another server. But whenever I can get her to Balmung, I'll shoot you a message.
  7. I'm very, very, VERY new to FFXIV roleplay. I know very little lore if any. I was lucky and managed to squeeze myself into the Balmung server and decided now would be the perfect time to introduce myself to the RP community. My name is Wolfytot, and my main character's name on this server is Rorodo Rodo, my female dunefolk lalafel. I'm 22 years old and I have about 4 years of experience with RP. I love all things cute and adorable and I'm most known for favoring the tiny races in whatever MMO I join. I began my RP hobby on WoW and was best known for my love of gnomes. Tamy, my gnome monk, was my best known character there. I also RP on Guild Wars 2 with my main characters being my asura, Biologist Iziri, and my sylvari, Callinux. To the surprise of no one, my select character from this mmo was a pink haired lalafel. Growing up, I didn't really get in to the Final Fantasy franchise. I know very little about the lore of this world or the main story and I haven't a clue where to even begin reading about it. GW2 does a great job of fleshing out the world through the personal campaign, and in WoW, I had wowpedia. Here, I just don't know where to go to find it. If someone would be so kind as to offer me a place in their RP circle and get me acquainted with the world I would be most thankful.
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