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  1. Hello! I'm not sure if you'd be interested in RPing with either of my characters, but thought I'd drop a reply. My main (rather outdated RPC here, and a somewhat less outdated info post here) is a little (very) anti-social, but it's possible he might have met Alvachir, as he used to take merc work before he settled into his current company. He also currently works for a trading company in Shiro, which could perhaps be relevant to Mana's situation? (Currently he's situated mostly in Ul'dah/Goblet, and Kugane/Shiro). Otherwise, my alt (Yuhei Malaguld, who doesn't currently have an RPC) is a relatively friendly character, if a touch on the nervous side, and would likely be capable forming a connection with any of your characters. If you're interested feel free to contact me, the most reliable way to do so is via discord at Tatelli#2426
  2. Yes, this does help, thank you! I had noticed the lack of use of either during MSQ/sidequests but somehow that and "Xaela is the adjectival form" didn't click in my head so thanks for pointing it out.
  3. Maybe the question's already been asked and I couldn't find it but since SB came out I've been having this question. Just interacting with other Xalea RPers I've found it more common for people to use 'Xaelic' over 'Xaelan' when reffering the language, however looking at how the tribes are called in SB I've noticed most of the tribes that end in a consonant attach an 'i' after the name when used as an adjective ( ie, Qestir -> Qestiri ) and if I recall correctly the tribes that end with a vowel attach an 'n' when used as an adjective (I can't say the example, cause I can't remember which tribe, but it was either one or two different tribes mentioned while questing in the steppe). So, if this is the case, and maybe it's not even a proper rule, would that then apply also to the word Xaela itself? If so would the proper term then be 'Xaelan' over 'Xaelic' as Xaela ends with a vowel? Am I completely off-base here? (Also should this be in lore, or RP discussion thread?)
  4. Hello! I've been hoping to make some more RP connections in the game. My main is Ambaghai Iriq. Hopefully I'll be able to get in contact with someone when I'm next online.
  5. This sounds most glorious! And Gaethan two has been away for about 10 years travelling the rest of Eorzea. So the fact of that could spark conversation. Gaethan is a highborn as well himself, though the Charlemend family is kinder than most Ishgardian houses. But I do like this idea of them possibly knowing each other or finding out that their families have relations. Definitely it would be better to establish some way they would have known eachother prior to either of their leaving Ishgard, cause as mentioned, my character is very unlikely to actually tell anyone that he's from Ishgard, even if the other person is from there as well. It would also be easiest to have them on friendly terms from when they did know each other cause if they weren't, even if your character recognized him Elo would just deny he knew him/was from Ishgard.
  6. Hello. I do have a character that is from Ishgard although wheter or not he's the type of person you'd be looking for is up for question. He left Ishgard about 10 years back and generally refuses to tell anyone/admit that he's from there for peronal reasons. After about 10 years he might be difficult to recognize and the only ones that would be likely to recognize him would be be people that: a) had some sort of relationship with his family (both parebts are knights with a good reputation. Especially his mother and his mother's family) b) might have known him from combat training when he was younger Or c) might have seen him play (he is a minstrel) at the fairly upscale bar/inn establishment in Ishgard where his tutor worked. Unfortunately even if someone does recognize him, unless he had a good relationship with them before he left he's likely to deny being the person the other recognizes him as. At this point he has no intention or going back to/anywhere near Ishgard or Coerthas in general however I would like the opportunity to see that change - even if with extreme reluctance on his part - for the sake of character development. Judging from what I'm reading here that may or may not work with your own plans to return your char to Ishgard. If you're interested feel free to check out his wiki page under Elouant Descoteaux and let me know
  7. Hello! As the topic says, I've been on FFXIV and RPing for a little while now, but I've decided to jump into the forms in hopes of creating new connections. I've a few different characters on Balmung but you'll see me online most often on my main, Ambaghai Iriq. He's a bit of a recluse, difficult to talk to and can come off as a grump. Needless to say he can be difficult to make friends with. I guess my main question that I still don't know the answer to is where or what is a good way to make connections, and what is a good way to find RP outside of hovering around the QS?
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