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    I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW, CATS ALWAYS LAND ON THEIR FEET, EXCEPT WHEN IT'S SUBOPTIMAL FOR MAINTAINING PROPER BONE STRUCTURE- but no, thank you, i try my best to be the most wholesome of catbwahs in the trashiest of ways
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    discussion Character Creation talk!

    Aaah, thanks so much! I was trying to find out how to do it and was like 'squints pretty friggin hard'
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    discussion Character Creation talk!

    [align=center]So, I've been awake trying to figure out this silly boy all morning and figure that worst comes to worst, I'll more than likely cry myself to sleep over not picking up my lorebook more often. Most of this information is from my early morning drabbling so will come in bullet point form, and I'll probably be updating this thread with more relevant information as time goes on-- also collapsible tabs would be neat to know how to do! I tend to get a little overzealous ' n' :dazed:[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]R'adato Tia [/align] ♦ An upbeat and optimistic Seeker Miqo'te that hails from the Southern Continent. Born in Meracydia, R'adato was one of the few children of the tribe's previous Nunh, and his mother's only child. Raised amongst an assortment of sisters, cousins, and aunts in a communal environment, he was considered a runt for most of his youth, and still isn't very astounding to this day. Tiring of the dreary expectations of his home, he came to Eorzea five years ago, fully intent on fueling his wanderlust. ♦ 27 years of age. Born 13th Sun of the Seventh Astral Moon. ♦ Seeker of the Sun ; 1/8th Keeper. ♦ The branch of Rah he grew up in regularly made a point of traveling the deserts, and were hunters by trade. Proof of age came when they were capable of wrestling down a beast with nothing but their bare hands. While they had a few settlements here and there, including a small coastal town, he's accustomed to being able to travel wherever he pleases. When they came of age, they got facial tattoos that connected to their birthmarks. ♦ His mother is a witch doctor by blood, and a soothsoyer through trade. For the tribe, she often communed with the spirits to attempt to bring blessings to her tribe. Descended from Keepers, her youth was oft filled with the startling dichotomy of wishing to be with her grandmother's people, and staying alongside her mother. When she had R'adato, she decided to name him with the conventions of Keepers in mind, but ended up making a mistake- ergo, most people believe him to be a second son, instead of her only son. ♦ His father, R'Tyakya, was the chosen Nunh of the tribe, and remained such undisputed for little over half a decade. Known for both his savagery and cunning, he eventually came to decried as a cheat due to his underhanded tactics coming to light when able challengers continued coming down with illnesses. When a new Nunh overtook the clan, R'adato and his siblings were seen as something akin to a weakness on the clan. ♦ A few years prior to coming to Eorzea, he had the fortune of having his love for martial arts ignited by a wayward Fist of Rhalgr that began traveling some two decades ago, and managed to come to some form of agreement with the then at the time Nunh to be treated as an honored tribe member. While nobody exactly knew what she did for a living, she did make a point of contributing as often as she could to her hunts. Despite her advanced age, R'adato did end up coming across her honing her skills at one point. She ended up taking him beneath her wing to teach him what she could before she passed when she saw his potential. As close to him as he was his own mother, R'adato often wears her old garb, albeit, dyed a different color. There's a lot she didn't manage to pass on, so when he came to Eorzea, his chakra was only partially opened. ♦ Not a Warrior of Light in public scenarios like this, he is either possibly touched by the ability to transcend speech, or just really lucky at reading body languages. ♦ One of his traveling companions is Chanda Singh, a Keeper from Sharlayan ( and my friend's child ) who seeks to become a Grandmaster of Magic by learning every form of mysticism she can come across. She's leagues more booksmart than R'adato, who is more of the sort of person who goes along with his feelings and get them into trouble regularly. They ended up meeting when he- who was residing in Ul'dah at the time - and she, who was residing in Limsa Lominsa, were hired to do a joint operation in Primal Punching. ♦ Carteneau was bad times. R'adato still has scars from losing some of the nicest people that he's had in his life, and maybe possibly subconsciously clings to Chanda as a sort of emotional support. ( In the shameful, non-canon version of him as a WoL, I crushed all of his optimism to bits when he realized he'd been displaced by five years before building it back up as a shaky facade to keep Chanda from worrying. ) ♦ His wanderlust generally covers his desire to actually learn and master every style of martial art in the world. While he is familiar with the Fists of Fire ( an explosive form of punches and kicks that utilize internalized aether flow to create harder impacts ), Earth ( a defensive style that focuses on redirecting force utilized by enemies and using it to deliver devastating blows, and Wind ( an evasive style that utilizes internalized aether to make him fleet of foot ), he learned the art of Pugilism but a few years ago, and retains the almost bestial style of combat his tribe raises all kids to know. While it isn't likely that he'll learn every martial art, because of his passion, he has a surprising knowledge on human and monster physiology. He has a few Chakras unlocked, possibly. ♦ Debating on his literacy levels. He's more than likely illiterate in fanciful Eorzean script, and holds a slight disregard towards reading more than what he can manage in one sitting. Master Grandma was a strict taskmaster, but she never seemed to pound the importance of learning how to read something fierce. ♦ Languages spoken are Huntspeak, and Common Hyuran. He knows a few Highlander dialects, doesn't speak a lick of Elezen, and finds Lalafellen to be a lost cause to learn. Doman is pretty and Master Grandma often regaled him with tales of her travels there in her youth, but it's otherwise a lost cause aside from a few basic, often mangled phrases. It makes the language barrier difficult to get, when he may or may not have an innate understanding of what is trying to be communicated, but can't really talk back. ♦ Searching for his wayward band of adventuring pals from five years ago for the sake of reunions.
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    Oh gosh, thank you so much for that! I'm sorry for taking so long to respond, I've been busying myself with schoolwork and job hunting ;w; I'm definitely enjoying XIV though, very fun experience, probably one of the most fun MMO's I've ever played since I'm a story-driven kinda guy. RP wise, I'm still pretty nervous about joining new communities, haha! I'm testing the waters, mostly.
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    balmung Holla Holla

    Oh gosh I thought I had responded to this, haha - I'm pretty unsure on where R'adato stands on the whole being a Nunh thing - he might just enjoy traveling way too much for his own good to even passively think about it longer than what's needed. He'd rather go around adventuring boundlessly than have a harem, which is weird by Maleqo'te standards, I know, but he likes to think he can prove himself just by getting some clout to his name beyond his tribe waaay over in another continent. I'll have to think of a few questlines stories to take inspiration from! I'm sure R'adato would be glad to share whatever anyone would ask if given the opportunity to do so.
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    Describe your backstory in the worst way!

    R'adato: Punchcat learns beneath a grand master of punching in order to punch more things like a complete loser after coming to Eorzea. Moons falling from the skies and separating him from his friends makes for a sad clown mcbrown that tucks all his tragic timmies in his unhappy box.
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    balmung Holla Holla

    I'm dead and can't think of plots because what was once 17 hours of no sleep is getting pretty close to 24 hours of no sleep. Maybe it's 20 by this point, nnhngh. Either way, at the behest of some cool guy over in the introductions thread, I opted to make a thing over here. Mind, I'm still hammering a lot of things about the punchcat out, but his dream is to become king of the monks a proficient martial artist of relative renown so he can not be used as breeding stock send sweet supplies to all of his sisters and aunts and cousins at home. Just your average, run of the mill adventurer that was possibly pulled into a few traumatic experiences at Carteneau a few years ago is always happy to meet new faces and talk about clothes! And also cute boys. But mostly clothes. And punching.
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    Thank you guys so much for the warm welcome! I didn't mean to go totally quiet, I was modfying his wiki page ( and ugh HTML is so much messier than BBCode I will never ever forget this in my life ) ; I'll definitely be around in-game though, so if you need anything for sure, just let me know! I just-- Have to do that 56 to 57 grind later. ;n;
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    Like my profile totally says, I'm completely responsible, and definitely am not suffering from being awake more than 18 hours, nope, nuh uh, not at all-- I'm pretty new to the site- and FFXIV ( okay, like two months new, but same difference ) -- and MMO RP in general - but I'm definitely down like Debby to get to know some of you guys! I write on Balmung ( sometimes ) and FFXIV has more or less devoured my life like the monolithic monster it is. I'll be sure to make this dumb catboy a lot more, uh-- not trash in the future. As in, I have too many version of him flirting around and gotta settle eventually ;w; But it's nice to meet you all!