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  1. It seems like there's at least 30 people moving to omega or making an alt on discord, and the number is growing! As long as you join the LS or the right channels you shouldn't be alone
  2. I'm hoping to transfer to Omega as an EU player stuck with awful timezones I can never get anything done on the NA servers. I hope I can find roleplayers here! Let's make this happen! Just jumped into the discord channel now.
  3. Character Name: Lulutsu Lutsu Character Gender: Female Dunesfolk or Plainsfolk: Dunesfolk Time Zone: GMT (Balmung) What Rp are you seeking? Light to medium! Definitely interested in plots.
  4. Ok then! I'll definitely see about checking one out, though the timezone may be an issue (Fridays work better for me than Saturdays) I'll keep an eye on the event forum regardless! That's good news! I'll shoot a tell over next time I'm on Balmung and I have the time to play, I'd hate to just join and scoot off right away!
  5. Well that's good to hear at least! How big do you say the turnouts are for events? I don't mind being dragged to meet other people since I'll likely be bringing friends along anyway! Oh i'll definitely check it out then! My character on Balmung is a very low level (not even 10 yet) would that still be ok?
  6. Would you say the gilgamesh community is welcome to new players? I've been on the server since beta but haven't really involved myself in RP yet. I'm willing to stay up late events it's just making sure I don't sit there by myself!
  7. I'd like an invite to the linkshell, I've tried messaging those with linkpearls but I haven't managed to catch them online.
  8. I've heard some things but it's been difficult to find the players! I rolled an alt on Balmung but I don't get as much time to play on it as on Gilg, so I'm hoping I can find some active RP going on over here!
  9. Hello! I've been lurking here for quite some time and decided to pop out of the wood work to say my greetings! I'm Kiel, or rather that's my character's name. I'm from the magical land of England and I'm on the Gilgamesh server! I consider myself a medium rper, it's something I keep meaning to get back into. I'm not sure what else to say but there you have it! Nice to meet you all!
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