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Remember when...


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The game officially celebrates its one year anniversary on Friday. To add something more light hearted for once, this thread is meant to simply reminisce about old times. This can be regarding the game itself or the RPC. Iâll go ahead and get started xD. Please donât hesitate to add your own items to the list!


Remember whenâ¦


*It took five minutes to swap gear?


*It took even longer to sell items?


*The RPC had over 80 Rpers online at once during the server vote?


*We released the first (and so far only) issue of the Tonberryâs Lantern?


*We had RPCV episode #3, featuring I think 4 different linkshell leaders talking about future possible storylines between each other?


* There were over -30- RP shells at once?


*Skill points were awarded during battle instead of after?

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Took this screenshot not an hour after logging on FFXIV on the first day of the CE headstart.



Whipping up that Cowl was the first thing I did. Good times.


* The old RPC forums before we had an official home.


* Having people gasp in awe at your Bronze Haubergeon.


* Couldn't wait to see what having a path companion was all about.


* When the RP hot-spot was the Amphitheater in Gridania.

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