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Hello, everyone! My name is Manari. >^.^<


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Hello everyone! I just recently discovered your wonderful group of roleplayers and thought it would be the perfect excuse to finally put FFXI down and give FFXIV another try. Like every die hard FFXI player, I played the beta, and picked the game up at launch. But of course it had many issues and I decided to wait until the game was a little more complete, and I went back to FFXI.


Now I'm a girl that absolutely loves roleplaying, but I've never found much of it in FFXI. But FFXI is my favorite MMO world and it's always been a dream of mine to roleplay in it. Well I think FFXIV is the next best thing, plus the characters, animation, and environments all are so beautiful! I'm very excited! >^o^<


MMORPG history

My first every MMO was Final Fantasy XI. I fell in love with it. I've never had a game give me such a wide range of emotions before. I played it a LOT, and currently still do. I will always treasure my memories with this game forever. I've taken many many breaks from it, but I always find myself eventually returning.


On some of those breaks, I've played a few other popular MMOs. I've played a lot of World of Warcraft, of course. I did quite a bit of RP'ing there, it was the most fun I had with that game. I played Aion for a few weeks. And I think that's about it. The rest of the MMO's I played for less than a few days and I don't even count them.



RP experience

Roleplaying is something I've been doing for years through various mediums. I started out doing my first roleplaying a very long time ago through some forums I was a part of and it involved a high fantasy setting, similar to something like Lord of the Rings. After that I moved on to roleplaying on an anime forum I was very involved in, even playing up to 3 different characters in the same RP at once! (It was a Rurouni Kenshin RP, if you were curious.) Then I think I hit a dry spell with my roleplaying. I got heavily involved in FFXI, but never got the chance to RP in it... But boy, did I want to! A few years later I was on a break from FFXI and gave WoW a shot. It was quick, easy, and fun. I did get bored of it rather quickly, but it was there that I tried out a RP server for the first time ever. I had a ton of fun with it. My RP guild would use an empty tavern they had in Stormwind as our base and I would even serve random players that walked in and sat down beer and such. I loved it. It wasn't just typing words on a forum now. I had a visible character that I could emote with and talk through. It brought the RP experience higher for me.


And that's why I'm so excited to start roleplaying in FFXIV. It's very much like the world of FFXI I so love, but much more beautiful!



How I learned about the Coalition

I kept seeing one of the servers in FFXIV referred to as the "unoffical RP server", so I did some searching around online and this was the site I found! I've been doing a little reading around on your site and I love what I'm seeing. This is exactly what I've been looking for and am very excited to become an active member of your community! >^.^<



What kind of Roleplayer I am:

When I RP, I love to really get deep into it. I'm fine with moderate RP'ing, but I also love to get into heavy RP as well! Everything from sitting around town relaxing, running through the landscape, rushing to save someone, or staying strictly in character in the heart of battle. I love the roleplay, and I love being in character. >^.^< That's not to say I will never say anything OOC, of course! I love to play all kinds of roles. I don't really prefer to stick with any one kind of character all the time, because taking on different types of roles is why RPing is so fun! That said, I do usually prefer to play female characters, as I am a female.



The real-life me?

I'm a 25 year old girl who works her butt off all day and just wants to relax and escape to her exciting fantasy world when she gets home. As such, I'll normally be on later in the evening until pretty late, as thats when I have free time. Occasionally on a day off I'll get a chance to be on during the day, but that doesn't happen to often.



That about does it, I think. I'm very excited to see some or all of you in game and get into some roleplaying!

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Welcome! Always good to know that people unsatisfied with the launch of the game are willing to give it another chance. It's certainly come a long way and will be go through an even more radical change by the end of the year with zone remakes and the like.


Which server were you on in FFXI, if you don't mind my asking?

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I have been trying to look up info on everything that's changed since launch, but it seems most places are out of date on FFXIV info. But just logging in and making my new character I can see a lot of differences already. I loved FFXI more than any person probably should and I really really wanted FFXIV to do well. That's why when I played the game in its original state, it hurt me so much to see the game like that. So it's my deepest and sincerest hopes that everyone will give FFXIV the 2nd chance it deserves.


I still actively play FFXI on the Ragnarok server. If their was ever a unofficial RP server in FFXI, I never knew about it.

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Hello and welcome from a former FFXI-addict (who still plays but probably not as much as I'm sure my LS there would like, since there's not really any RP left there)!! I don't think there was ever any unofficial RP server for FFXI, but rather a number of servers [at least during its prime] that were known to be the homes of various RPLS's. I came from a large group on Sylph myself, but I know there were some from Asura, Leviathan, and at least a few others. The RPC here has helped mobilize everyone that RP's onto one server in order to offer everyone as wide a range of styles as possible. This is definitely a good thing! Many RPers now participate with more than one linkshell, and there's even an "OOC" linkshell for shooting the breeze or finding out where open RP is happening if things happen to be quiet on your linkshell at that moment (hint: Mineral Concern seems to be a hot spot >.> )


FFXIV still isn't perfect, but it certainly has come a long way since alpha/beta and with each new update we get to adapt to an ever-changing set of rules and conditions. I agree with you in your hope that people look upon FFXIV more favorably as each update is released and the world continues to grow and evolve.

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