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Advertising the new unofficial RP server

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Well, the most obvious answer would be a thread on the official forums, however we all know what that will inevitably become. So, not too sure on that.


Maybe we could make another push for support from the other fansites? Also couldn't hurt to write up a mass e-mail for all former RPC members, letting them know the current state of the game and that we're still here and our community is thriving on the soon-to-be Balmung. I'm sure 1.21 will pique a lot of people's interest.

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Many people have found the RPC from google (or I suppose other search engines). I just ran two google searches for "ffxiv roleplay" and "ffxiv rp" and the RPC site was the first that came up on both searches. While it may not be "official recognition" by S-E, it's kind of empowering to know that that alone may lead prospective RPers to us.


So maybe a few changes can be made to the RPC to make it easier to recognize that we're on Besaid/Balmung.


I strongly feel that the word 'Besaid' (and later 'Balmung') be added very prominently on in the main portal and forum pages and perhaps even in the forum banner as well. There really should be no ambiguity that this is the server that has been selected as the hub for RP activity within FFXIV.


Here's a C&P of the search result (note that 'Besaid' does not appear there):


Final Fantasy XIV Role-Playing Coalition ⢠Portalwww.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/Cached - Similar

3 days ago â Welcome to the Role-Play Coalition for Final Fantasy XIV! For more info, please view this page: http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/info.php. News ...

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