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Friendly Greetings from a Wanderer

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I'm i guess, somewhat new here, I had made an account on here sometime last year i think, sadly cant entirely recall the user info after trying a few ideas i had, so I just set up a new account.

I havent been overly active in FFXIV since sometime last year when i made a secondary character on the Besaid server after researching and finding out it was the unofficial RP server. After that i found myself caught up in other gaming and things going on elsewhere.


This is mostly still true, but i caught wind of the server merges and realized my account status wouldve resulted in my losing my characters and the seasonal/event goods i had collected for when i was able to sit down and give the game some serious playtime i reactivated a moment ago to take care of the world transfer application process.

I only hope i made it in time to at least see my besaid character transferred into Balmung so he'll still have access to a good RP community in the future.


I may not be around to much or the most active of posters, but I hope to keep tabs on things a bit from the shadows 8-)


and greetings to everyone here.


ps. the new site layout seems quite nice, great look ^_^

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Welcome back!


It's possible your old account was deleted in this recent update (or the last one). Any accounts that hadn't logged in for a certain amount of period were deleted. So that may be why you had problems trying to log in. Either way, always nice to see people return.


I assume your lack of activity is related to the game's state at launch? If so, it's definitely improving quite a bit with each patch. Personally, however, I still tell people I know to wait until 2.0 simply because of the map redesign (which I think is a /huge/ deal by itself to give a more vibrant atmosphere).

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Im guessin by the sound of it was was due to inactivity then lol. I think i had only a couple posts at that time ne way so i didnt really lose anything.


i was getting distracted by other gaming here n there, i didnt have alot of complaints to this game when it first came out really, just got distracted elsewhere, ive kept tabs on it, and slipped in to try to gather the components for the seasonal/event things they did that ill still need to craft in the future.

I just hope since i missed the first phase of the world transfer that i can still shift at least 1 of my characters to Balmung

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