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Another returning player.


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Hi there,


I can't remember if I ever ended up registering and introducing myself here, so if I did: Hi again. If not: Me and a couple of other folks had been bouncing about this game since beta. We were always fairly avid and active roleplayers, but fell into the trap of mostly keeping to ourselves. We'd established the Linkshell "Misericorde" about as soon as we were able, and have been under that name ever since.


Anyway, since I'm absolutely awful with introductions, we'll just go down the handy checklist in the sticky to keep things on-point:



--MMORPG background

It'll be shorter to sort the ones I played "seriously" from the myriad (all of them) that I've just dipped my toe into. That being said:

FFXI, on the Bahamut server, we were somewhat active under the same LS name.

From there to Tabula Rasa, where I was with the 131st Hellhounds on Cassiopeia.

Then to Warhammer: Online when that got shut down, once again active under the guild "Misericorde"

Got bored with that, ended up on Aion with Accordance.

Got bored with that, ended up on Champions Online under Barghest.

Got bored with that, ended up on FFXIV for the first time, became truly displeased with the lack of focus on content in favor of redesigning a battle system that, to date, I don't really think needed to be redesigned.

Ended up on The Old Republic under Naasade.

Bored with that again, and finally settled back on FFXIV, and have been quite happy with the changes.


--RP experience

I could say "see above", but that would be kind of...I don't know, effortless? Anyway, I've had a ton, from the MMO world to the tabletop (Rifts/Beyond the Supernatural and Dark Heresy being favorites).


--Character ideas/info

Well, the character name, found right above the empty avatar slot on my post, is Isaac Jacobi. Isaac started his adult life in service of the Sultanate of Ul'Dah, working as a civil engineer. After all, someone has to plan, build, and maintain cityscapes, and his head for numbers, coupled with an innate ability to judge structural strengths/weaknesses made him an easy pick for the job.


However, Isaac was a touch more hands-on than his employers would like, insisting that he learn to work at a forge along side his construction crews. Save for a mishap that almost cost him his eye, he progressed fairly quickly and the foremen on his projects certainly didn't seem to mind an extra set of hands. Over time, Isaac became increasingly bored with his work. There are only so many ways to design an irrigation system, after all.


So, he set about his own private studies, hoping to at least sketch out something he'd never sketched out before. Years of research, planning, scrapping said plans, re-planning, re-researching, and a ton of time spent at the airship docks yielded a set of plans he was truly proud of. A small, maneuverable, highly destructive airship he dubbed the "Misericorde." Primarily a close-defense/exploratory craft, he was confident that this design would further solidify the nation's grip on, at the very least, it's own lightly patrolled skies.


Upon submitting his plans, he was simply told that he was not a military engineer, and that the project would never see the light of day. This was the straw that broke his back. Gathering what he could, as well as a few things that technically belonged to the Sultanate, Isaac resigned his post, and set himself to travel, hoping to drum up funds and resources to prove his own concept. Suffice it to say, things haven't exactly gone swimmingly, but hope in seeing his ship make the jump from paper to reality has been re-kindled with his recent enlistment in the Maelstrom.


And that's the short of it.


--How did you learn about the coalition?

I stumbled up on it a while back, looked about, and then I believe I forgot to register.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Medium, edging toward heavy.

--Anything from real life youâre comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Well, aside from table-top roleplaying, I also play Warhammer 40K, I've done some independent modding for FFXI, which got me into 3D modelling and animation in general, and that landed me a rather comfortable position with Vicarious Visions for a bit. I would like to apologize for Guitar Hero 6, though.


And, that's about that. So, looking forward to getting in touch with you folks.

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Welcome to the RPC!! It sounds like you've had a pretty extensive background with a lot of those MMO's. :)


I just wanted to say I think your character concept is a wonderful idea! To date I don't think we've seen too many RPers that have fallen into a role such as yours (usually it's "I'm a dragoon" or "I'm a dancer" or falling into one of the grooves that S-E has left for us rather than going against the grain a little - not that there's anything wrong with being a lancer or a dancer of course). I just thought someone coming in as a structural engineer was an awesome touch! I will be looking forward to seeing you around Eorzea. Hope this one sticks for you, too!


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Tabula Rasa was just great. Cassiopeia! I had a 50 Guardian there. I can't for the life of me remember what "guild" I was in. I didn't really have a chance to dive into the RP before the game died, as I was more focused on the PvE aspects. And aion. Accordance! I was in Accordance myself for a tiny bit.


Welcome to the RPC! Hope to see you around.

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