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An Outsider�s Point of View

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As person who isn't part of Everwatch, what are your thoughts on the LS? What experiences have you had with us? What have you heard about us? I want to know because it's hard to sense oneâs place in the larger community from within, and one of our LS goals is to be a part of the RP community.


Please speak your mind freely and clearly. I know a lot of people are iffy about commenting on Linkshells as a whole in public, for fear of offending someone, but I think having open discourses would actually help my Linkshell and the rest of the RP community to know what Everwatch is about. We are ready to hear negative feedback, and change accordingly, if we see fit to. Or at least be aware of whatâs being said in the community, and possibly introduce some clarity to the public. This is very much an experiment as I am sure folks talk about other Linkshells in private, but never in public.


Please, speak your mind, whatever you feel, whatever youâve heard, whatever youâve experienced. Itâs all fair game. All we ask is that you explain your views a little bit beyond âYou guys are great,â or âYou suck!â as those reasons will help us see things better.


Maybe we can even build some sort of a public trust, or at least, prove that mature, open, discussions about Linkshells can happen, and by doing so, be more open with each other.

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This is a really interesting idea for a topic (so long as we keep on topic).


Disclaimer: This is my personal view and experience, how I saw things, how I see them now. You said to be honest, I will be. I want to make it clear that I don't have hard feelings over any of this anymore (I was initially pretty upset by it) and think it's very cool that you're asking for our views on your pearl. This is not to slander the pearl, its members, or to discourage anyone from joining, because your experience will likely be very different from mine!


I'm an outsider, though I had applied to Everwatch some time ago.


I thought it was a neat idea, would be fun for RP, and an interesting spot to put my character in where she could be a part of something bigger than herself.


However, during the initial application I felt more than just a judgement of my character or my fit to the shell. I felt I was being judged for my affiliations with another pearl, Sanctus Refero. I was well aware that some upper members in EW had problems with SR. But the fact that I felt like I was already labelled iffy, even though I had not interacted much at all with any of you ICly, or at all OOCly, upset me. It didn't take more than a few responses to my application before I felt like I was being singled out in this, having read some other applications before I applied. I withdrew my application, citing real life and scheduling, but that was truly only part of it. I have enough stereotyping to overcome playing a miqo'te (scoff if you want but it is true), I didn't need an additional 'she's from SR' stereotype to overcome too.


Nowadays, I see Everwatch as a possibly dying pearl. This is mostly because recently the events I see with EW members present, usually just 2 or 3 core members show up and RP among themselves. The members' public journals lead me to believe there's a really.. odd disturbing love-mess there that I wouldn't want to get involved with myself, which makes me wonder how much of EW's purpose and goal IC is held onto. Again, this is just what I see, which is obviously not the whole picture! Of course friends tell me of their experiences with EW, and many of them are negative, but some are positive. My own IC experience has been alright, and I'll continue RPing with EW members in whatever situation we may find ourselves in.


So, there's one outsider's perspective. Kudos for asking for them!

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Thank you so much for the response Aysun! I really, really appreciated reading your take on things.


To clarify since you were wondering, Everwatch is still very much committed to it's goals, despite the more recent personal indecent which bled over into the work place, so to speak. I really dig that you keep an eye on the journals though, so thanks.


We've a number of members, but yes, it is a small Linkshell by comparison to some others, which can be perceived as dying. But, it's always been small so far honestly, because of our recruiting policy, heavy RP style, and on top of that a sort of a niche concept that even if a person can join and fit in with us in terms of RP style, it just wouldn't make sense for their character to work there. But for a small shell, while not many may show for public events due to scheduling conflicts, we are hyper-active when it comes to LS events. LIke, every damn night there is RP O.o (usually some event which is tied to a story, or just IC way to do something gameplay related like Ifrit or Job quests).


So, that view of the LS was very refreshing for me to see, hence the overly long clarification! Awesome post. I couldn't have ever seen it that way myself.

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But for a small shell' date=' while not many may show for public events due to scheduling conflicts, we are hyper-active when it comes to LS events. LIke, every damn night there is RP O.o (usually some event which is tied to a story, or just IC way to do something gameplay related like Ifrit or Job quests). [/quote']


That's awesome. Like I said, I only see part of the picture, because I'm not in the shell. ^^ Hopefully other people will respond for you too.

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Thank you Aysun! I wasn't really sure anyone was going to reply to this when Oskar posted it, and I'll echo his sentiments that we do really appreciate the feedback. I have participated in a few events with you now and have really enjoyed it, and I regret that the application process dissuaded you from joining, because I find your character to be refreshing and intriguing.


I know that early on we wanted to have an engaging application process where a lot of questions were asked so that we could get a clear picture of what a character's history and nuances would be and how they would fit into the Watch - where their niche is, and such. I went back and took another look at your application and the responses and I can absolutely see what you are talking about. While I don't know what all happened with that other linkshell, I do see how the questioning can be kind of perceived as a sort of 'firing line' and the entire process intimidating. I see this now even with newer applicants as well. We seem to try to poke holes in these applications and see what comes out, and we don't really take much note of the more positive elements of them.


I am also flattered (and a little self-conscious) that our journals are viewed by more than just other Everwatch members. :oops:


My 'take-home' from this is that our application process needs closer examination. There is certainly opportunity for improvement with regard to the way we handle that.


Again, thank you for your honesty. I will be looking forward to the next time our characters cross paths again.

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Okay, fine, I'll tell you opinions~ :)


As a group, I think you guys are a fine group of RPers. I know I've spent a fair share of time with most of your longest running members, and would like to get out and spend more time with you guys.


As for your apps, I can see how the process can be intimidating to someone who is new to the RP scene or who comes from a different play style as yourselves. While I commend you guys for your process, sometimes you guys do come off a little harsh, but then again, it's hard to tell tone while on the internet.


I read your journals too, Eva, and I love keeping up with your stories even though I don't get to see you all alot. It's nice to know what other people are up to when you're not around!


I also think it's great that you guys do SO many LS events. Heck, if I had the time and the means, I'd try showing up to some of them, but it is a little much for me during the school year and such.


I think most of all, though, that you guys tend to have an undeserved reputation. I know that it's hard for people to separate your characters from you as people, which we've talked about here on the RPC time and time again. With that being said, while some of your characters are hard to get along with, as people, you guys are pretty nice (at least those of you whom I've talked to OOCly). Sometimes getting over that reputation your characters have is a block in and of itself.


Anywho, I think you guys do a great job. Even though I know that our shells run differently, and some of our members have different play styles, I enjoy it when we are able to get together. Some of the best times CC has had in RP is when we were in conflict with the Guard (which was a lot of your members). It goes to show that even if you think you have different play styles, you can still get together on occasion and have a good time.


I don't know if any of that was constructive or not. I have fun with you guys, and think you're all a talented bunch.

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Well since you asked ... you don't get opinions much more outside than mine, being a recent arrival to Besaid and someone who hasn't read the RPC forums since 2010.


Firstly, while on the hunt for an RP LS I spent quite a while checking out your website. I have a really particular type of guild that I usual join/create, one that is heavy RP, lore bound, plot driven but still focused on excelling at the game. I much, much prefer quality over quantity and in an in-depth application process. I like a guild that knows what sort of people they want, and aren't willing to compromise that just for the sake of numbers. Given that, your LS really has seemed pretty perfect from my view point.


When I asked a few friends who are long time Besaid residences, the feedback I heard on Everwatch initially is that you can be "RP elitists". This actually was the opposite of off putting for me, as guilds I've ran in to in the past have been called that as well. Having standards, insisting that people play within the world they're given rather than above it is a quick way to gain that reputation, so I never put much stock accusations like that.


However, what kept me from applying was that more than one friend warned me of the level of ERP in Everwatch, going so far as to say it's "worn like a badge". Whatever truth there may be to that, having that reputation is off putting, especially in a game like this where it seems more prevalent than other games. I'm all for adult, mature roleplay. I did play a Druchii extensively in WAR, after all. But prevalent focus on sex just for the sake of it puts a bad taste in my mouth, and is a stereotype of roleplayers I do my best to avoid propagating. So that warning from active members of the server community, plus the amount of romance drama in journals and such made me wary enough not to apply.

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Thank you both Alothia and Navisse. There are a lot of great points brought up here in both posts. I will try and briefly touch upon each in turn.


First, there was a lot of praise there Alothia, and I appreciate that. Your character is one of those I seem to hear about all the time but we have so few interactions. We'll have to find a way to remedy this. :)


What you mentioned about an "undeserved reputation" was really at the very core of the reasoning when we were trying to decide whether it would be beneficial to put together this thread. I have heard (mostly secondhand) that there is a certain stigma attached to the group, and I never really understood it myself. Personally, I always sort of chalked it off to Oskar's character attributes as being somewhat undesirable, and had really hoped that the entire group wouldn't be shaded by the leader's faults. From the posts here I'm beginning to wonder if this actually isn't the case and there is more to the stigma than just negative views about the leader.


Next to address a few points that were brought up in Navisse's post - I'm glad to hear that we were something of a frontrunner for you when looking around for a LS. There are a few things you mention that impacted your decision to apply.


First, I'm not sure how I feel about the phrase "RP elitist" - even though you took this for a positive thing. While we classify ourselves as a heavy immersion linkshell, I don't think any of us look down upon other LS's for their policies. As I said in another post, there are dividing lines between players, and some like more immersion where others like a little more freedom to break away from their character when they want. The thing I've always liked about Everwatch is that I can take a break from it for a day or two and participate with the OOC shell or with another RP group if I so desired. Usually I'm content to spend a good majority of my time in game on the pearl and in-character, but I know we have a number of members who jump around between other linkpearls. That's not really discouraged or anything either - we're just happy when we have a good turnout at events.


Secondly, I wanted to address the journals since I feel these are not the best reflection on the RP itself. These represent our characters' innermost thoughts and offer a glimpse into their own worlds. Valentione's Day is also not far behind us, and perhaps love is still in the air a bit. But for the RP itself I have seen this as something of a side-plot (as mentioned in an earlier post with regards to some more recent events), but I would hate to think that the content of the RP within the group itself is being gauged based upon these. In-character events happen nearly every night and cover all manner of things from training sessions in the woods, to contract work (often doing something OOC like AF quests with an IC spin), to crafting parties and guided meditation sessions. So yes, there is a romance element to many of the members' journals - this cannot be denied - but I have never really perceived this as being a central element to the linkshell's purpose.


Finally, what was really shocking to me was this:

However, what kept me from applying was that more than one friend warned me of the level of ERP in Everwatch, going so far as to say it's "worn like a badge".

This would probably put me off as well. And it's upsetting to read this. In my time with the linkshell - probably about half a year now - I have never seen anything remotely like this. Certainly not publicly in any way that would put me off on wanting to be a part of this group - and I'll admit something like that would give me serious pause were it true. There is the occasional flirtatious remark and whatnot, but never have I seen anything like what is being implied. Now I can't say that ERP doesn't happen. I've known a couple characters who do that sort of thing privately who belong to various LS's. I will come right out and say that I have never done anything like this in FF14 myself. I don't think it's wrong, but it's not for me. Eva is a classy girl and the one brief relationship she was involved in was conducted with an abundance of "fade to black." I find it rather offensive that it's being said in the first place to try and warn people away from us. I would like to know specifically who is making these claims, about whom specifically, and why. If you're not comfortable naming names, would you consider sending me a PM? It's false rumors like this that really hurt us, and I can absolutely understand why you wouldn't put in an application after hearing something like that...


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Hey Eva,


I can understand the desire to set the record straight, but I've no interest in feeding drama, so I'd rather not say. I only brought up since you all asked, and as a frequent guild leader myself I like to know what's being said quietly as well. Perhaps he or she will come to you though, as I heard mention of ERP in the handful of people who I asked for a general rundown of RP shells they might suggest.

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I can't say I have much of a view of Everwatch, beyond merely second-hand rumors that have popped up here and there. But as I've learned you really cannot believe everything you hear. I don't really spend much time reading other character journals but I do give a skim now and again. But the thing about the whole heavy romance part never even crossed my mind. Be it a single character or all characters interactions like this don't define a linkshell at all. On the subject of ERP I haven't heard this rumor about Everwatch, and even if I had I cannot say I'd have believed it. These days the term is thrown around too loosely be in in seriousness or joke. See two people sitting together in a corner? Oh must mean they're engaging in ERP! False. They could just be RPing privately, I know for example a number of Corvus Cinis members used to sit outside a building. Often they'd RP publicly, others they might take it to a party-like setting. Purpose was because we don't have rooms you can actively -act- out these parts in. I'm getting a little off-topic there, but that was my point on the ERP deal.


The only true thing I can say about Everwatch is like the Eorzean Guard it feels to deeply involved in a military-like setting. That's not technically a bad thing, only a personal preference of mine. This alone is one thing that I've sort of felt kept me from trying to apply perhaps. And although I can't confirm those for myself I know a few people who weren't pleased or enjoyed the initial recruitment phase done ICly. But being a military-styled linkshell you can't expect it to be for everyone.

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I can appreciate not wanting to create any unnecessary drama so I won't press the matter, but the fact that these rumors are being disseminated throughout the RP community and having enough of an impact as to prevent even one good RPer from considering involving themselves with us where they otherwise would... is extremely disheartening. I sincerely hope that the people who passed this information along to you would consider chiming in on this thread because it would be good to hear and understand the reasoning behind it. Perhaps, as Mihana suggested, it stemmed from some sort of misunderstanding. In any event, it's really saddening to hear...


As far as the remark about it being more militaristic - I have to agree with that. I can appreciate that it's not for everyone. And given my own character's background it was a bit of a leap when she joined and I've kind of found a bit of a niche as a less militant character in that setting. As compared with the Eorzean Guard, having been in that linkshell as well, I have to say that Everwatch is less 'structured' and a bit more familial. With EG I felt like I was going to work - which isn't necessarily a bad thing - but there was that distance that coworkers sometimes keep between each other, and the hierarchical structure. With Everwatch I don't feel that so much and we're a lot more friendly and more connected. Both groups were/are a lot of fun to be a part of though, and I do miss the Guard a great deal. But you are correct in that it is styled as a type of military group, beneath it all. That's one thing I don't necessarily see changing though, since that is sort of at the root of what the linkshell is. (root? get it? Gridanian humor...)

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I guess I can chime in, though I don't have too much more to add that hasn't been said already.


The biggest concern for me, from the outside looking in, is indeed the application process. It just seems like potential members get 'grilled' before entering. Having led numerous RP groups in the past and being a simple member of just as many, I still find this somewhat...agitating. Don't get me wrong. Interviews, IC and OOC alike, are fairly natural for inducting a new member into a role-play group. But this particular process, which seems partially borrowed from old AETHER, is a bit intimidating. Even more so because the questions are done in a public atmosphere which can actually embarrass the individual being interviewed depending on the nature of the questions. I'm the type of person who likes to follow all the RP shells on a semi-regular basis just to see who's doing what and how they're doing it. So I've seen a fair number of applicants in EW get asked in depth questions that even I wouldn't have been able to answer (and I consider myself a hardcore RPer). There are a lot of pieces of a character's history that may not be fully worked out yet and getting asked to give details on such a piece may cause the individual to rush into making a hasty decision just to satisfy the interview question.


My other issue, which simply boils down to personal preference, is the militaristic nature of the shell. To me, it seems more limiting than other linkshells when it comes to individual storylines and events. Though events seem to be quite frequent within EW, they also all seem quite similar to one another. I could be wrong of course and the events could be wildly different and offer a variety of different things to do. But from the outside, they all look about the same to me. This is the primary reason I haven't yet attempted to attend a single EW public event, though that's probably an unfair reason.


I personally have not heard anything about the ERP issue and likely wouldn't put much stock in it if I did hear it about this particular shell. I can see a huge focus on romance though through the journals, but that's not really a turnoff or anything. Romance is a natural part of character development after all. The "elitist" comment, I do however hear quite often. To an extent, I can see why as well. EW is probably one of the top 2/3 shells that grounds itself so heavily in the lore and /appears/ to leave little wiggle room any other way.


I will say that it's been difficult for me to find a means to approach Everwatch through any IC capacity. As a heavy Rper, I'm always looking for ways to get some RP in with other heavy RPers. But it just feels too difficult for some reason that I can't really explain. I've found it much easier to approach other mercenary type shells like Nebulous and Shimmersong with events and interactive RP. Maybe it's just a fear of having my RP judged or something. I'm not really sure.


Following Stormguard's disbanding, I had actually considered applying to EW. For the above reasons, I chose not to though. It's largely a preference thing though, and the shell seems to be doing just fine regardless of what other people think of it. So long as people are enjoying themselves, that's really all that matters.

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Since a bunch of people have brought it up, we're currently internally discussing altering the application process based on the views expressed in this thread. Thank you all for taking time to type out such thoughtful responses, it's exactly what we need, and please keep them coming.


So as to not overly clarify things I'll just use a list! Remember, just as your view is from the outside, mine is from the epicenter, and can be as one-sided, so do not take my word for it - if you're interested in RPing with us, don't be afraid to reach out, chat OOC'ly... we're actually pretty nice.


  • [*] Not elitist in a sense that we look down on others, or tell other LS how to play - but we know what we like, and strive for that with our RP and Linkshell in general.

[*] Events /can/ be sort of similar, and I've been trying to vary them. We ask that every member creates events of their own so, hopefully that issue will soon work itself out. Although, I've always found it really entertaining myself, and never 'oh this meditation again!? Bleh.' - I'd like to think we have some events that are 'regular' and others as 'one time only'.

[*] Journals shall not be judged as primary source of RP! We're in a time of war, on which we are at a losing end (*sense of urgency, go!*), and Everwatch band of mercs in a young age bracket... romantic feelings happen, to deny it would be to RP unrealistically. However, while it may drive some interaction between characters, this is by far not the heart of the shell. Pun intended.

[*] Militaristic - seems to be a completely opposite view of us all being totally into eachother! Weird huh, how both of these cannot possibly be true at the same time. Anyway, yes, there is a bit of that... but you know, it's a merc company not a tea house.

[*] ERP - man, I'ma come out and say it, slander is what that is. As a shell we've a rule against it, so no one does anything openly or publicly in anyway, nor have there been instances, even. There is no way to enforce this rule in private chats though, nor would I have time for that... so honestly if I don't know, I don't care. I think most Linkshells feel the same way. But, I must say that I really really thank you for speaking up about it! That post in general made me so happy and yet so sad.[/list:u]


I'll update ya'll on the app change, should it happen. Until then, if you keep posting, I'll keep reading! :study:

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Way back when i was truly ready to first delve into RP in the game, i joined Sanctus Refero, after experiencing enough lore to feel ready to truly be a living breathing being in the world of Hydelyn, I thought that the heavy RP nature, and tight comradery of The Eorzean Guard was going to be a perfect fit for me, having met a few of them during my small amounts of roleplay.


Now, i know this is opinions of Everwatch, but since Everwatch is the same group as Eorzean Guard was, and uses the same application process currently, i figure i'll put my own experience down. The RP is absolutely fine, some people have a bit of a snobbishness about their person sometimes in regards to their RP vs other's, but no-one's innocent in that regard, even i do it sometimes.


The Application process however, was the reason my opinion of EG was permanently soured. I spent a great deal of time planning out a character that would be easy to enjoy and play, someone who could be exploring the world just as i was, rather than just being ignorant of her surroundings, regardless of having grown up in them, so i made her come from one of the multitudes of islands that are outside of Eorzean territory but close enough for her to get there.


I wrote a fairly lengthy application for the amount of information i was able to use at the time. And Oskar was the first to respond to my app, and swiftly too. I raced to the page to see what was said, perhaps an IC interview would be set up to see how i work in a proper IC setting?




Immediately, i was being bombarded with questions about my outlander origin, fair enough i thought, as it can be done poorly sometimes, and clearing things up is certainly needed. I replied, clearing up the questions asked, and checked back the next day. More questions, deeply probing my back story. Issues were being brought up, such as Tessa's sister being a Seeker of the sun, and Tessa herself being a keeper of the moon. (the player of her sister simply liked the seekers better). I made a semi plausible reason for it, simply saying that their family heritage was mixed, and as twins, they simply embodied the more extreme sides of their blood. Worked well enough.


But no, not done here! Yet more probing! My real life gender in relation to Tessa was brought up, i was actually asked, if as a male IRL, could i play a realistic female character?


I mean seriously... why? What reason was there behind this? This single question started to annoy me, i'd answered everything so far with a calm and reasoned mind, but this one simply boiled me. Yes, i could, i had been playing characters of all genders, races, and backgrounds for years in various settings. I'd never encountered an application process so aggravating.


I answered, i waited. My outlander background was brought up again, Oskar felt that coming to Eorzea by boat wasn't a fitting method for introducing her, and suggested i was from one of the many hamlets.


At this point, i politely withdrew my application, and joined Corvus Cinis the next day instead. And at the time i honestly just felt Oskar was being a dick to be a dick, and wished nothing to do with him. I've changed my mind on that account for the most part Oskar, though i still feel sometimes you can be very... Polarizing.


I've since roleplayed with EG/Everwatch on a few small occasions, bumping into them on their rounds, at some events, and via Oskar's connection to Alothia, we've worked cross shell a few times aswell. I really do just think they way you recruit harms more than benefits. Or at least, it did with me.

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Alright, it's been a busy week but we've updated the application process because of your responses in this thread. We've decided to take the "review" portion of the application into a private forum after we receive in initial app. The application itself expanded to include the questions we typically ask anyway afterwards, and the entire process will be more of a discussion on points of interest rather than a Q&A. We may still have some questions/concerns/misunderstandings about the application, but since we donât wish to approach them in the way of forum Q&A, an OOC interview may take place. This can be done over mumble/vent, forum chatroom, or in-game â up to the applicant!


I think that covers all of the most recent changes. Please continue to submit your thoughts, as we are looking to take a proactive role in the community, and see ourselves through anotherâs eyes in order to better the Everwatch!

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