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Another Return


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Hello! I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I'd been playing for a few months at launch time, along with some of the betas. I played Emelin Locke, who I am now returning with (though I restarted her last night :P). I've been curious to see what has been up with FFXIV, so with no other p2p MMO having my attention at the moment, I reactivated my subscription to this one. And man, I was honestly quite surprised to see that this place seems pretty active.


I'm probably gonna be taking her a white mage or black mage route, but I'm looking forward to joining up again. I'll be browsing around and looking for an LS and stuff. Um, I've got a long history of roleplaying. I've been RPing for around 15 or 16 years now. I mostly RP through play-by-post and run my own modern fantasy forum. But I always try and roleplay in any MMO I play. I RPed the most in FFXI (Liarin with Threads of Fate on Ragnarok), but also in Lotro (Rhienna), Aion (Aavalis on the Elyos side), and a bit in most other MMOs.


But yes, I'm looking forward to running into people again. :)

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Welcome back, if you're looking for some help in deciding where to go, or if you're just looking for a place to be OOC and ask questions, Intermission is a good start, it's the OOC shell and everyone there can help you with questions and such. If you would like a Pearl, talk to Endricane Feltaro, Oskar Helvig, Alothia Starkwood, Kassandra Dawn, Gustav Lapis, Mtoto Wamoto, Endemerrin Rosethorne.

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Been quite some time. Nice to see familiar faces (even if unacquainted). Welcome back to FFXIV and the RPC! We are most certainly still active. Even more so in-game. With all the amazing changes that have been already put in place, and version 2.0 just around the corner, we're seeing an unprecedented amount of players returning.


Hope to see you around!

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