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Seeking final Mavanix artwork!

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As I work to completely finish up the House Mavanix wiki entry, I find myself still lacking a couple pieces of artwork to go with it. Sadly, the original artists who started the project are no longer active in the game and/or RP community. So I need someone else who may feel generous enough to put together the last bits. To view the styling of the current images, you can check out the wiki entries here: http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/i ... se_Mavanix


Anyone is free to post up their versions here. I'll just take whatever I get and/or what fits the best. Here's what I'm looking for:


--Julius Mavanix: Short blond hair, somewhat charming looking. The rest of the details are up to the artist.


--Cartius Mavanix: Looks like below picture. Click spoiler tag. I may just use this image if no art for him comes to light.



--Elza Ashfen: See below picture. Hair is indigo colored by the way, in case the lighting doesn't reflect that well.



--Others, if desired: While no others are -needed-, anyone feeling motivated to do so can feel free to create portraits of any of the myriad of other Mavanix members if they so wish. I often fear asking for any art of Kylin because nobody ever can get it satisfactory for him for some reason xD. I'd also like a fancy family tree, but it's not a necessity. I can always use a simple text format for that if needed.


Thanks in advance!

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My style is pretty different (and I'm not fond of colouring), but I could give it a crack. Small portraits like the existing ones are pretty quick to crank out.


Actually, if you want to keep a unified look, I can probably redraw all of them. As a bonus, my style is a lot closer to the official promotional/concept art for the game than what you've got. But that's something to think about after I do the ones you're missing. :jump:

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I can adjust Cartius, no probs. It's mostly unintended side-effect of trying to show his age. I think thickening his neck at the back slightly should do wonders. In fact, I know it does because I just did so and it has. ;)


Just gonna refine the pencils a little and fix/add some detail and they should be ready for colours. Fortunately the official art style uses really flat colours, so that's easy.


Oh, by the way, does the House have a crest? If you've got one, I'd like to put it on Julius' shoulder. If not, I can work with you on one.

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Any thoughts? Maybe something in the colours of Ul'dah's crest, but featuring an emblem with particular resonance for something in the family's early history?


Here's a quick list of potential subjects I could pick out: Mining equipment, flames, the Soulfire Apparatus, a star (representing their connection to House Felstar). Actually, I could combine them all, using a stylised mining pick with detailed engravings reminiscent of the Apparatus, surrounded by flames and with a small star as a minor detail.

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I'm pretty open to anything to be honest. I'd rather not spend /too/ much time planning something as small as a crest considering it will be slightly irrelevant after Saturday's event save for historical context xD. I like the idea of using a combination of a mining pick, the apparatus, and flames. Anything related to House Felstar likely wouldn't be used though due to early complications between the two houses (IE: Anabelle's affair with Juravis).

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So yeah. I did keep working on this, but kept getting dissatisfied with one little bit or another and eventually ditched it in frustration. Then I got into a cycle of avoiding it making me feel bad which made me avoid it more and gaaaaaahhhhh and I stopped playing on top of all that.


But! I'm looking at it again and I think I can finish the ones I started. And I've taken a stab at drawing Kylin too.



Something like this, I think? (Ignore his eyes, they are giving me so much trouble, but I WILL get them to look right.)


Given up on the crest though.

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