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A Comic Relief Idea


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So, I recently had the urge to make yet another an alt. I've now got an Au Ra sitting and waiting for an idea to strike me, and I believe it has. Since my current characters are mostly serious, I took on a challenge and tried to write up a more comical and/or goofy story for my new character, Zansetsu:


Taking some inspiration from the Ninja quests, Zansetsu wants to adopt Eorzean mannerisms in order to blend in a bit better. Since he's an Au Ra, he knows his appearance will stand out enough and fears it may cause some people discomfort so he thinks acting as a proper Eorzean Gentleman will help them stay in their comfort zone. You probably noticed the emphasis on Gentleman. And there in lies the comedy:


Zansetsu models his 'Proper' behavior on the stories he's heard of none other than Hildibrand Manderville.


He'll act a lot like Hildibrand does; self-assured even when facing hopeless odds or is obviously wrong, insistent that he can/should help even if he's likely to do more harm in the end, often jumping to the first conclusion he makes and sticking to it until proven wrong, etc.


It's less he's actually that naive or boneheaded, and more that it is the first example he's seen and he's going to stick to it, and as a result he'll get into tons of misunderstandings and crazy antics and other tomfoolery.


What I wanna get from you guys is some input on the idea and some general mannerisms (besides the obvious Gentlemanly Pose that I gotta rush to 50 for xP) that I can use to sell the act.

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I'm all for the idea! Frankly, most of my RP characters have a degree of comic relief to them, whether they be grim, chipper, weak or powerful.

But yeah, you'd be surprised at how well a funny character can be implemented into more serious tones, making lighter of a situation that should by all means demand a darker audience.

Go for it, good sir! Spread your fabulous /hildy's across Eorzea! Myes!

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