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Another newbie LFRP!

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Hey guys!


Here is my introduction thread link: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=13334


So you can get some basic insight on who I am, and what kind of character I anticipate on playing. :3 As far as what I'm looking for, is some basic connections (FCs, Linkshells, and people!) I'd really like an OOC RP Community linkshell. I posted in a thread on the directory for one, but haven't gotten answered yet/havent seen people online for them.


As for what kind of RP I enjoy: Any, really. As long as it is applicable to FF14 lore. Some speculation lore is okay just as long its not too stretched. I would say I'm more of a heavy rper, but I am open to pretty much all approaches as long as I can understand your posts/your character is generally lore abiding. (I am no where near all-knowing of FF14 lore, but dont try to bring in things that aren't a part of the FF14 universe, such as being a drow or demon. Im also not elitist, despite this sentence, I promise!)


Any themes are loved, from adventuring, tavern talking, budding romances (please no wham-bam-shabam stuff/cybering. More 'explicit' RP is fine as long as its tasteful and has a purpose/in private channels. Public affection is fine, and open to both genders, though Kiht'a as a specific character may fancy company of males in that fashion) rivals, anything. I love open world RP. I would like to get into some fellow Miqo'te RP, perhaps tribal stuff? I am also open to darker themed RP.


Post here or add/talk to me IG if you want to connect! :3


I also enjoy constructive criticism on my characters!

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