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Ashen Academy (EU/NA)

Mikel Hunter

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[align=center]Ashen Academy of Arts[/align]




Brief Description


The Ashen Academy of Arts is a private institution of learning, focusing on research through world exploration and development of both martial defences and magical theory. (EU, NA inclusive. Linkshell option available for non FC members).





Dormitories building is in The Goblet, Western Thanalan, but classes are held either on field trips or at offices in the three cities. Mealvaan's Gate, Frondale's Phrontistery or at Jadeite Thick.



Roleplay Style


We are a medium to heavy roleplay group made up of friendly people. We place a focus on travel and research RP, field trips, classes and training in the weekends, with some plot events. Personal and casual RP occur spontaneously or on request.



Classes Offered


books.png Lore & History, Historical Artefacts, Monuments, Study of Beast Tribes, Study of the Primals, Study in Garlean Wars, Study of Wandering Tribes, Ancient Civilisations.


magic.pngMagical Arts, Arcanima, Conjury, Thaumaturgy, Summoning, Astrology, Study in Magical Theory, Study of the Twelve, Magical Arts and Defence.


war.png Martial Arts, Martial Techniques, Study in the Art of War, Inner Energies, Defensive Manoeuvres, Offensive Stratagem, Lancing, Pugilism, Archery, Ninjitsu, Doman Arts, Dragoon Arts, Dark Arts.


food.png Other classes of study include Botany, Fishing, Mining, Carpentry, Blacksmithing, Armoring, Goldsmithing, Leatherworking, Weaving, Alchemy and Cooking.


pets.png On the school grounds and in open air, Chocobo Raising is taught, along with Chocobo Mounting and Racing.



Contact Information


For any questions or application to join, post here or whisper/message Jax Stahl, Ayricha Daakier or Lucy Ambers.

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Hello! I'm interested in getting my main involved in Ashen Academy.

Hunfrid is a conjurer in training and knows a good bit about tinkering (doesn't really fall into gsm because he doesn't make jewelry, he makes small animatronic stuffed toys like the windup or stuffed in-game pets). Although, I have weaver at only 16.

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This thursday was Professor Higura's sciences class, further on the subject of time and space. The Allag-loving admirer of Garlean magitek who easily sets to side the importance of the Twelve and respect for the boundries of the heavens, has roused the suspicions of the very clever Lucy Ambers! Lest she starts the ASDA agency, Ashen Students Detective Agency, to root out the heretical Garlean spy among the school staff... Professor Higura better cover his tracks!* >:


(Spoilers: The poor man is not actually a spy, but try tell the kids that!)



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