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The Skyward Eye

Aoi Fukiku

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Welcome to 'The Skyward Eye'

[align=left]What we are about

The Skyward Eye is all about Ala Mhigo and retaking the homeland of the Highlanders. This means anyone who wishes to see the land restored to its former glory is welcomed to join no matter the race! We accept new and old Roleplayers and have Alliance with other Free Companies to help our community grow and flourish!


Why can any race join?

Everyone deserves to have fun and just by wanting to help the Resistance with either goods, services, or just information then you are assisting the Resistance in their goal of retaking Ala Mhigo from the Garleans!


Is there a long recruitment/trial process?

We do ask that you fill out an Application so we can try to get to know you and your character. However, there is no trial process. If we accept you then you are in. That doesn't mean we won't want to RP with your character first to see how they would be or speak with you on a VOIP or through messages to get a feel for your personality.


If no trial then how do people fail?

Roleplay is about having fun. This is a game! We are not a hardcore raiding guild were we are going to sit down and destroy you because you are missing 2 dps. No. We know you are a player looking to have fun. There are several different types of characters out there and there can be a completely opposite person behind that character playing it. We don't want anyone to be afraid of not 'making the cut'. We want everyone to feel welcomed and at home. Once you get invited you are free to stay as long as you want! If you end up not being able to Roleplay we are more than happy to put you to a Friend rank so you always have a home to come back to.


Now, you can and will be kicked you are act up. We don't like to see people harassing one another, talking about each other behind their backs, or having members thinking they are better than others because of some rank they got. The simple fact is that 'If you act like an Ass, you will be treated like one'.


Acting out, childish, harassing others, or giving us a bad name in public (Doing naughty things, ruining public events, or starting actual drama (not IC) will all net you a boot to the head.


Who is in charge?

Theovon Wraithwall - Leader

Ella Silentstorm - Officer

Erich Chase - Officer


I saw on your website you do alliances?

Aye, that we do! We want the community to come together! We have a separate LS for our Alliance friends to sit and chat in. We want small FCs to be able to have fun and not be ran over by insanely large FCs. Plots are meant to be fun and sharing is caring! We like to care so we share! If you would like to become part of the Alliance then please message a member of the FC or get in contact with an officer to set up an in game meeting  (Yes, we want to Roleplay this out)


Contact Avali Lombardia or Kaguya Nightsong for any further questions!

That's nice and all but what about PVE?

Many of our members enjoy leveling, farming, and doing content! We only ask that you treat other members with respect if they are 'not up to your standards' in performance.




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