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The Dark Knight Melfice Markov


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Melfice here,


Coming to you all from Exodus, me I thought I'd voice my opinion. I really don't think Dark Knight is as bad as a job as "Mister Happy" has degraded it to be. I use Reprisal frequently. Doesn't matter if I am main tanking or not. I generate more enmity than my Paladin and Warrior jobs combined and keep it too. I might be biased about it.  But I prefer stepping in the darkness before I let my rage take hold or trust in the light. 


Another thing, Balmung is famed for being a roleplaying server, but why not every server? 


Anyways, it'll be a pleasure to journey with you all through Heavensward. 

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As someone that plays all three tank classes, they're all good at accomplishing their role as long as you're not bad at it.


Personally I main Dark Knight too, while occasionally playing Warrior because Warrior is super fun. Dark Knight is really solid, and good at AoE.

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Weigh what matters to you. 


Is it thematics? Efficiency? Are you world first clearing Savage or are you casually playing with friends? I'm minmax through and through but Dark Knight just works for what I want to do. Today's second best will be tomorrow's OP with the way MMO cycles go, as long as you have fun doing what you do with your job and don't feel gratuitously under powered then chill and let the haters hate.

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