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Hello there ._.

I figured I'd join these forums since so many of the people I RP with in-game are here, and I feel like I'm missing out by not having an account. I'm gonna do this template thingy, so bear with me.


I've been playing MMO's on and off for almost a decade, I started with RP-required MUD's in highschool, got into WoW during vanilla, and have been bouncing around since leaving that a few years ago. A little FFF, a little Aion, dabbled in Wildstar, couldn't find my place. Friend reccommended XIV back in April, and I've been hooked: I randomly walked into the Grindstone and I was blown away by the sheer number of people all come together to RP in one place for an event.


I've been RPing for longer than I've been playing MMO's; did some forum RP back on Gaia Online (ogod) a lot of MUD Rping (Iron Realms, anyone?) both Horde and Alliance side in WoW. Tabletop stuff, too. Also AIM and MSN RP when that was a thing. Oh, and Yahoo! groups. Oh jeeze, I feel old.


Sazi is a cinnamon roll, straight up. Fluffy, sweet, gentle, timid, but with a steel core and a huge heart. All she wants to do is be helpful. Oh sweetheart, the terrible things I will put you through.


I guess I'm a heavy RPer? I like plots, and continuities, but I also enjoy slice of life and fluffy fillers. (I also like to do content, and often one gets in the way of the other, and vice versa xD)


If I'm online, I'm usually either farming something, leveling, or trying to find some sort of RP to get embroiled in. However, I, the player, am damnably shy, so I have the hardest time approaching people. I cheat because my character is -also- shy. Ha, see how that works.


Anyways, hello! I'll probably lurk more than anything else, but I figured I should say hi before vanishing into the background.

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