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  1. I used to work at Sephora, and while I don't wear makeup regularly anymore, I can still paint my face with the best of them. Urban Decay and Kat von D are my favorite lines. I'm allergic to mineral foundation (yay) but the Urban Decay Naked liquid foundation is amazing for every day wear, and Kat von D is good for days when I'm super pale (hello winter) or my skin is acting up because it covers up -everything- Urban's eyeshadow primers are a must-have for anybody that wears eyeshadow, regardless of whether you wear anything else. And I cannot use any other black eyeliner than
  2. My lala is visible in this video ._.
  3. Oh wow, thankyou! \o/ And congratulations to everybody else that won!
  4. Well this is a really awesome thing you are doing, I'll bite! 1. South Seas Set 2. Company Tabard 3. Oriental tub 4. Fat Cat 5. Music Boxes 6. Falconers Shit 7. Bustle
  5. I worry that I've painted my character into a corner, and there's no way out of it. I've made a character that doesn't go out, doesn't approach people, doesn't want to go adventuring, and is underpowered, not particularly knowledgeable about any subject in particular, and has an atrocious stutter and a tendency to cry at everything (and tends to end up crying in nearly every scene she's in) I've tried coming up with a plot to try to get her out of it, but what was intended to be a plot for the entire FC to partake in has resulted in maybe 2-3 people being aware anything's going on at
  6. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the responses I've received! I'll be trying to reach out to everybody who's posted here over the next few days (or possibly more, since holidays are upon us), but if you see me first, please don't hesitate to poke me in-game. I'm located in the Eastern Time zone, but I can be found online as early as 8 am and as late as 3-4 am, though I am most often online between 8 pm to 2 am. I look forward to RP with you!
  7. thank you so much everybody! I hope to see you online in-game so we can talk more and RP!
  8. Introducing… Izanami Tatewaki! Youngest child of the Tatewaki family, sworn protectors of the Matsumoto’s in the Village of Pine. Raised and trained from a young age to be both a gentle lady and a fierce wielder of steel, her way of life as she knew it came to an abrupt end at the young age of eighteen. Almost a decade has passed, and she has made her way to Eorzea to try to start a new life in a strange land. Burdened with the ghosts of her past, and struggling to find a path for the future, what sort of life will this swordmaiden forge for herself? A little about her: My crocodil
  9. I've been wanting to do skypirate type rp! I'm available EST evenings if you'd like to feel out one or more of my characters
  10. Y'rhel is bouncing around between Ul'dah and Limsa trying to find work, and bodyguarding falls into the category of services she's offering. If our playtimes match up enough, maybe we can have them meet.
  11. Hello, and thanks for looking at my thread! I'm looking for RP on my character Y'rhel Tyaka. Y'rhel is a tribal miqote, part of the Jaguar tribe out in Eastern La Noscea. She's excitable, eager to please, and even more eager to prove her abilities. A little bit naive, she's traditionally-minded, and fiercely loyal to her tribe. (Note: I am NOT looking to leave the tribe, so the 'get the tribal kitten out of the tribe RP' is not what I am looking for) She's not afraid to get down and dirty, and as long as she's not violating the rules of her tribe, she's not averse to less savory jobs
  12. A quarter-page ad has been taken out in the paper, the art obviously hand drawn. Printed details below the ad include ways to get in contact with the woman advertising her services. (art credit goes to @Shadottie! You can commission her here: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=10124)
  13. My characters have names that I found aesthetically pleasing. However, I named my Roegadyn's chocobo "Guolaent" which translates to "Mighty Duck"
  14. Hello! If you can bear to wait, you should be able to get a character in on Balmung after maintenance. The window opens up for about 5 minutes, so just have everything you want to do ready to go, and you can get in. That being said, there's a few people around from different servers: I think Siren has an RP community.
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