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Personality Switch Potions (Sept 26th)


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*On posters hastily strewn across Eorzea...


[align=center]"Too shy? Too bossy? Too lonely? To Aleport![/align]



[align=center]For only 5 gil I've got a potion to solve all your problems. Trust me.[/align]



[align=center]Just stop by my cart outside the Aleport tavern on <<Saturday, September 26th at 4:30 PM Central Standard Time>> and grab a Xi potion. It's guaranteed to have an effect or your money back!


[align=center]**Exact effects may vary.[/align]



[align=center]Out of Character Information




What Is This?

This is a light-hearted RP Event on the Gilgamesh server. My character, Xifang Crimson, will be selling potions at The Black Sails' trading bazaar. She says that they are "personality enhancing" potions, but Xi is a screw up and all the potions are flawed; they create any number of randomly determined personality changes instead. 


When, Where, How Long?

Saturday, September 26th at 4:30 PM Central Standard Time. The event will go for several hours, but you are welcome to come and leave as you like! It's located at Aleport nearby the levequest NPC. As for how long the effects of the potions last? However long or short you'd like!


What Are Some Examples?

By default I'll be rolling a randomly determined effect for your character, but you can choose to have the potion affect you however you like if you wish (assuming it does not offend or hurt other players)


Some examples are:

*A shy character might develop Megalomania

*An outgoing character might suddenly become insecure, blushing and stammering

*Your character might become confused: thinking that they are someone else entirely

*Your character might undergo a strange hypnosis effect: feeling compelled to behave in a specific way when another character says or does something specific

*Your character might see a loved one as an enemy...or a rival as a loved one!

*Your character's appearance might drastically change ((Feel free to use these potions as an excuse to use a fantasia if you've been looking for an IC reason to change!))



Can I Make Up My Own Effects?

Yep! Absolutely! Use these potions as a catalyst for your own zany RP ideas and blame it on the crazy red-headed girl you met at the trading bazaar. I only ask that:


*You do not use this as excuse to hurt or offend other players/characters. Love potions, hate potions, etc are all awesome and fun! But please be sure beforehand that it'd be fun for the player whose character you want it to interact with.


Why Is This Event?

It's a chance to shake up your character in a fun way! Sometimes the best way to get out of an RP rut is to play with aspects of your character and see them behave entirely differently than you had imagined. Besides: serious RP is a blast but sometimes it's nice to just do something completely silly!




Please feel free to PM me with any questions! And please come visit me during the event if you get a chance! ^_^ I love meeting and roleplaying with new people~ I'd also be super willing to run this on Balmung if there's enough interest.[/align]


The Black Sails will be at Aleport selling wares as well and I enthusiastically suggest you check out their event too! 


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Oh wow, so it's for more than just AoE... I will see if it works out for me... Should be okay though as I'm working now... But not sure which character to bring at the moment...


Yeah! Come by, come by! Bring each of your characters if you want. Down a potion, go a little crazy, log in with another one. Lather, rinse, repeat! ^__^

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