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Hey there Hydaelyn! The best looking hatter you'll ever see here. New to FF 14, but not to MMO's or Roleplay in general. I've got well over 7+ years in the business, ranging from forum based mediums, pen and paper, and various games.


Started out with my old man as a kid, he was one of the original geeks doing the DnD thing, literally, out of his basement with his pals. Passed the hobby onto me, and I took it to forums, eventually ending up (as so many do) in the black hole that was World of Warcraft. Did a little Old Republic on the side. Always been a Final Fantasy fan, and looking forward to having a blast in Square's world.


I usually like to put myself out there and come up with RP meta's and storyboards (with other people so they can help reign me in when I get too extravagant) that carry on for awhile, favoring deep development over time - usually something dark or tragic. I -really- like cliche tropes. (I mean c'mon. They're awesome. Except when they aren't.) I've been a part of several circles; Political, Military, Social and School-Esque RP.


Still trying to get a character onto Balmung but you bet your ass you'll know when I get there! Already got a guy and a loose idea for how to throw up a story around him, based on what I know of the lore so far (and Square's own use of cliches.). The first guy is an Au Ra Dark Knight. He's meant to be a charismatic guy with a lot in his closet, very big on the whole pragmatic and cynical 'Lights cast shadows' outlook on life and a very large scale ultimatum that I refuse to shed details on OOC right now. (Oh hi there tall dark and brooding... Haven't seen a hundred just like you already.)


Some real life details about me; I like to think I'm pretty good with a pencil, and only just started poking around with digital programs, trying to make things look super sexy. I'm an active duty service member and... I really fuckin' like cookies. 


Always looking to make some contacts and get to know the community. Hoping I get to make a ton of stories with you guys. *

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