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Cast your characters.

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Im sure not everyone has their final designs for a character (or characters) sorted yet, but I was wondering what actors you would get to play the characters you have created thus far?


Its a RP forum staple perhaps but it can be fun, also pictures if possible please :D

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Gary Oldman. I jest.


Lets see... Whiskeyjack should be played by the Roegadyn version of Mickey Rourke. See below..




...will whip your ass.


And my other major character, Amistad von Praeda. He should be played by a taller version of James Caan with pointy ears.




...is devouring your soul and color.

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This thread . . . so funny!


Now when I see everyone's characters, the first image that's going to float my mind is those of their celebrity counterparts!


Young Gerard Butler, ohmigoshhhh Haydyn lolzzz, too perfect!


I'm probably going to end up with a boy-crush on Oryn, though.


That Ewan, always a charmer!


Don't know who I see Vandal as. Perhaps VIGGO MORTENSEN? The Eastern Promises kind of Viggo.

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I loved Milla so much until I heard her talk on the Resident Evil commentary track.


Hahaha "And then I was like, 'why not have her skirt continually get smaller!'" She cracks me up. I dunno, if I grew up as gorgeous as her, modeling since I was 14, I'd probably be all "This needs more of my skin shown" as well. Haha

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For Kes/Eva, maybe... Elizabeth Mitchell + 15lbs....? She's a bit too thin for the role. Kes was meant to be a slightly fluffy. I guess it's not something I gave a lot of thought to, really.






For Ora, Brittany Murphy would have been a good choice. :(




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Ok, here goes!


If I did RP a male, it would be Chris Palko, (Cage) oh god. Yes. If you dont know, Google it. Hes a real life bad mother *****.




However, I RP my own gender. Therefore mine would be Angelina from Original Sin. That woman is pure sexiness.


This sums it up:



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As much as I like him as an actor, Norton doesn't hit the nail on the head exactly. I mean, sort of yeah my character -kinda- would look like him. I'm sure there is someone out there who fits Mason better though. Good thinking though Kes, I wish Mason did look more like him (I know I can change my character lol but I already have a certain image of him), he is one handsome dude.


EDIT: Robert Carlyle- seriously never heard of him, but he fits the bill! In the last pic he is a little older than Mason would be but the others seem dead on, with the difference of hair style and skin tone that is. Good lookin' out guys!

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Ok.... I'm so going to love Doc's ramblings more picturing David Tenant behind them lol.


This is a bit hard for me with Nana... but I guess the closest I can think of is Merle Strepe (sp?).


On Luralel I think maybe Rachel Weiss lol.


Not sure on the other character I have in my head yet though. Nana's Miquote bodyguard is uncertain as to gender etc yet.

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