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Dark and Tragic Auri Seeking FC for Plot

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I'm looking to expand my list of contacts exponentially and lead an on-going personal story with a group of interested people over a (very) long course of time. The pretense of our meeting is meant to be 'by chance' and cement the overall flavor and tone of the story I want to tell.


It will be dark, full of intrigue, and gritty; The character himself however isn't entirely unpleasant. He will lie to the FC or exaggerate the truth, but for the most part in a non-threatening manner. He is not the stereotypical 'I have a chip on my shoulder. I'm broody all the time now. Don't try to help me.' but more of a 'I detest that this happened, and those that allowed it to happen, but it will not own me.' archetype. He is a morally grey, unapologetic and well spoken man. 


The initial plot elements involve the use of a Dark Crystal in his possession to suck up his definition of 'Tainted Aether' (of course, to his own benefit justified through deceit.). I don't have any intent of taking any negative actions towards the FC from the onset, giving time to develop both the character, the story, and even integrate with the FC's own plot as it allows. 


Things to Expect: DM style adventures with encounters and more questions than answers. The influence of your own choices will directly impact the character as he develops and his own willingness to reveal information (or a lack thereof.), and of course a shiny brand new amigo to run around FF 14 when OOC comes around!

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I'll bite first then.


Our FC is still getting off the ground so we wouldn't have an abundance of members to participate, possibly 4-6, but the style of roleplay you are offering is exactly what we do when our Adventurers go "Adventuring". I would be delighted to entertain a story that someone else would take the initiative and run as their own.


If you'd be interested in a small ,but active, group please feel free to PM me with any questions or just working out details. I hope you find what you are looking for. :D

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