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Open Casting Call OOC information

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October 23rd and 7pm CST Balmung



Ever wanted your singer/dancer character to actually perform? Well, here’s a way to get on stage with others with a public audience!

These are actual auditions, but I can almost guarantee that no one will be denied.



  • If your character is a singer, please have a song to sing! It is alright if you make it yourself or are using a real song.


  • If your character is a dancer, please have dance prepared! Macro-chains or the basic dance emotes accepted!


  • Musicians! Well, musicians can be hard. If you have the Bard class, that makes it easier- but surprise me!


If enough people participate, then a stage production will be planned for a public performance with single or group performances on stage!


No need to sign up; just show up!



IC info here!

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