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the night nurse [miqo'te rogue-healer]

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Enter Adelle: former nun of Saint Adama Landama's order, recent transplant to a paramilitary free company in Gridania, and coming to be acquainted with the poor and unsavory who run the streets of U'ldah and Limsa Lominsa. She's used to helping others, has the skills for aetheric and non-aetheric patchups, and is willing to keep her mouth shut about how exactly your character got those wounds. (Especially if preventing someone from bleeding out in an alley means not having to think about her own issues, the biggest of which is a whopping dose of PTSD after handling the Dalamud cultists hunting her friend.) She's also getting a bit handy with a pair of stabbers, they say. Enough to make one wonder if the slip of a white dress into the shadows is a prelude to heal or harm.



I am looking for connections! Sustain grievous injury whilst doing something illegal and need a nurse on retainer? Give her a call. I love to get involved with other people's stories and would love friends and romantic interests for my freshly traumatized Miqo'te baby.

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