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Machinist Type Character Person!


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Madda wanted to make a social character that would be an interesting and very hated idea by most people, but needed some views or advice. 


The base of the idea is that the character is a young child (10-13) that was a stowaway on a pirate ship after her tribe / clan (depending on race) that eventually became an honorary member of the crew by killing a rival captain on accident. Recently during the reveal and integration of the Au Ra into the day, she snuck away and made Limsa her current home. She would use a Machinist's gun which is actually a custom made fireworks launcher obtained from her pirating days.


She'd be a pretty tomboyish type ruffian, always in search of things to get dirty in, but mostly curious with the Ishgardian and Garland-esque technology and in search of people who have some.


What would be a good race for her personality type? Miqo'te or Au Ra?

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Miqo'te fit the timeline a little bit better than Au Ra but since you're specifically coming from Elsewhere in the background either could work. Do you want horns or ears? Fluff or scales? A cat would slide into the lore easier if only because lots of people are sensitive to au ra being mentioned prior to Calamity.


Sounds good on the whole, though.

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Hah! This is pretty close to my character concept, though she's a bard/sailor rather than Machinist/Pirate (among other key differences).


Huh. That's pretty ironic! I made her an Au Ra and busy doing stuff. Maybe they could have small talk about food and sailing stuff. Or maybe just food.


Thanks to Warren and Sickety for the suggestions and feedback!

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