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Servers Go Down Nov 11th


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The 35th Letter from the Producer has been released and can be found in full detail here: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/53080


To sum up, the alpha test will begin shortly (Phase 1 being Japanese only, Phase 2 going international). The alpha will largely be restricted to server stress testing and most content will be unavailable.


The final "save maintenance" for characters will be November 1st. That means that all character data (levels, achievements, etc) will be saved on that day. Anything achieved after that will not transfer with your character. The 1.0 servers themselves are scheduled to go down for good November 11th. That means between Nov 2-10, the only thing we'll be able to do is RP! (And I'm planning a little "final" event that will hopefully be embraced by enough of you and help you create the ultimate cliffhanger for any character who attends).

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The plan is to completely shut down the current version after that point, although that may change depending on how you guys respond to a little poll we have.


Basically, what we want to know is, do you want to keep playing the current version even after we bring all the Worlds down?


We can bring the servers back up after a few days, and youâll be able to keep playing the game just like normal...but your final save data will remain unchanged.


Only the character data saved during the November 1 maintenance will be carried over to A Realm Reborn.


I wouldn't expect a lot of non-RP types to want to be around if their progress isn't being in some way recorded, but it would still be fun to get together and RP, if they keep the servers up afterwards. I would expect things to be eerily quiet though. I'm not sure how that would be RPed out. Also if there was some sort of an event RPed to conclude 1.0 - what manner of role-play would be conducted in this stage?


Just a lot of hypothetical questions.

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