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Looking for a FC/rp

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Trying to find a criminal syndicate type FC to better rp Vincent's profession as an assassin whose cover is a traveling cook. He's a rather selfish person who only pretends to be the nicest and most well spoken (he tries his best) guy in the world just to make his cover more believable. Only a few people know of his true personality and profession and it's something he takes pride in. The link below is to his character profile.



Basic Information:

Age: 23

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Martial Status: Single

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Height: 6'1'' (185cm)

Weight: 175 ponze

Body: Athletic

Voice: Leon S. Kennedy (Paul Mercier. RE4, RE6)

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This sounds really interesting!


My FC, Eternus, is a mercenary group that doesn't always operate within the law. While it's not exactly a criminal syndicate, we have to be very low key since we're relatively small, and any run-ins with the Brass Blades would absolutely be our end.


Perhaps the cover of a simple mercenary group would help your character keep his cover as a cook if you don't want it to be too public that he's really an assassin.

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While the Wayfarers do not exactly support the killing of another for money, he could potentially use them as a front. We specialize in the bonds between members, adventuring in terms of taking jobs and world RP events, and of course the building and staffing of our tavern.


Rini is currently looking for a cook that can make a variety of what she has in mind for her restaurant. As long as he wasn't very open or brazen with his shadier work, he would find a very supportive home and possibly other work as well.


If any of this interests you please check out our FC page for more details on Wayfarer's Rest and the Wayfarers themselves.


Good luck in your search, and I look forward to possibly hearing from you. :thumbsup:

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