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Lone fisherlady seeks a FC!

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Hello friends!


Eri'anya Writte, a fisherwoman native hyur of La Noscea, is quite well off. She travels a lot, her catches keep her gilpurse decently hefty, and she's still young to boot! Not all is well, however. She doesn't have many friends! Perhaps it's the traveling? Or maybe her cooking isn't anything to write home about. Nay, in a world of heroes and villains, who has time to care for every fisherlady? 


Hi guys! I'm new to the site, as well as Balmung. I'm new to RP in FFXIV as well, but not new to RP in general. I've been RPing for nearly ten years now, and I'm very interested to begin in this game. I'm not entirely new to the game either, having played in 2.0 and 3.0. If any FCs out there are looking for members, feel free to post here or speak to me in-game! While I'm not picky about what type of RP I can get into, I should note that Eri'anya isn't a battle-hardened warrior, or even that she'd do well in battle at all. She is a woundmender, though. :>


Thanks for your time, and I look forward to getting into some fun RP.

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Wayfarers takes people from all flavors of life. If you are interested in the slice of life RP with the possibility of being a waitress on the side, then check us out sometime; even if you don't join we would love to meet you! You could even include your fishing as the source of our supply of fish for the tavern. : )


Take care!


Wayfarers of Eorzea

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