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LF a bar to host a one-time event on the 30th or 31st

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As the title says, I'm looking for a bar to offer their property to host a one-time event on either Friday the 30th or Saturday the 31st (whichever works for the bar). ICly, the bar needs to be relatively small, and I'm looking for no more than two servers to assist with the event. 1,000 Gil will be paid ICly for the use of the establishment for the night.


Please either respond to this thread or contact me in game on Temariah Dawnsong or Eloweth Ayers. 



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In case you haven't found one yet, then KinRP has a bar on the first floor (called The Loft) it's not overly overly big, but still has a decent size. You can find the house at Goblet ward 4, plot 11. Only thing is since we are predominantly EU, if the event is during the PST evening we're not likely to have many people online (including myself) so all depending on that I can't really say if anyone could help out with serving nor guarantee my own presence.

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Wayfarer's Rest is a small tavern located in the Goblet. Officially, we aren't open yet to the public, but if all you require is two servers and a venue then we can more than accommodate your needs.


PM me here or in game to hash things out, no payment OOCly is required. If you would like, you can drop by anytime and check out our bar. Ward 6, plot 58.


I look forward to talking with you. : )

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