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New to FFXIV.. Need Advice..


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Hello there. My name is Ashley. While I am fairly new to the game.. kinda..

See I pre-ordered the collector's edition of FFXIV before it came out. I'm kind of in love with the whole FF series. And I had played FFXI since it's second year. Anywho.. I'm not to smart, so i didnt realize my old comp couldn't handle FFXIV. So I had to not play.. until I got my new laptopYAY. So last night I re-registered and made a character, just to try it out. And I'm liking it so far. The advantage is that I'm really really familiar with FFXI, so alot of this is familiar to me.


So here's the quandry.. I love love RP. Even when I was the only one.. like anywhere.. in FFXI, I still interacted as my character. Heavy RP'er and all. So now I find this site.. and I'm looking for a heavy RP LS. I'm not 100% sure as to what my character is going to be. Hume ERRRRRR Hyur.. maybe Mithra ERRRRAAARRR Miqo'te. I would love to play a Miqo'te.. but when I started in Windurst ERAAAAARRAA Gridania.. well almost all the other characters there were Miqo'te. Kinda made me think... well I don't wanna be what everyone else is..


So what do you think? Any suggestions for a good active RPLS? What kind specifically? Well I don't know.. I mean my character would be new to adventuring and all. That's almost as far as I got. Like I said, I'm new to alot of this stuff. I've always been attracted to mage types.. so Conjurerer would work, right?


If you are readin this, you're opinion would be greatly appreciated.


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First, welcome! My first suggestion would be to join the OOC LS Backstage. You can meet other RPers there and get a feel for some of the active RPLS's. There aren't very many at the moment, unfortunately, but with A Realm Reborn there will be some new ones emerging. :) You're joining us at a rather odd time ICly, what with the world ending and all!


There are tons of miqo'te. Easily over half of the XIV community (including the RP community) are miqo'te. It's insane.

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Yeah it's kind of nuts how many miqo'te are running around. :cat:


As for getting a pearl for Backstage - the OOC linkshell - there are a handful of us who can get to you. You can send a /tell to pretty much any RPer. Even if they don't have a Backstage pearl, it's a good bet that they know someone that does, and can put a call out to have one of the recruiters get a pearl to you. I would, myself, but I'm not going to be in game much today I'm afraid. But if you haven't gotten one by tomorrow you can send me a /tell also - Eva Ianeira


But welcome to the RPC! :cheer:

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Well, everyone here has or knows someone who has an intermission pearl sack, it's just an ooc hang out thought you can occasionally (or frequently) find rp with it.


There is a link to the LS page at the top two spots down from forum. The active RP LSes are: Shimmersong, Corvus, Everwatch, TALE and Blue Skies.


We're in a bit of a lul right now due to gw2 launch but things should pick up some in a week or two.


Conjurer becomes a white mage so you'll be healing a lot if you make that your main class.

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